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You are here : Home > > West Bengal provides you the latest plans of Aircel.We update these plans almost daily .This plan of Aircel for West Bengal was last updated on Friday, 14 October 2016.This page contains the full information about recharge offers,SMS packs ,internet recharge,tariff vouchers,full talk time plan of Aircel for West Bengal zone.


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2G Internet Packs

81 NightUnlimited 2G Data for 1 Night (12AM-6AM) To activate dial- *121*008#Coupons
161 DayUnlimited 2G Data for 1 Day (24 hrs) To Active- *121*016#Coupons
173 Days110MB 2G Day+110MB 2G NightCoupons
274 Days175MB 2G Day+175MB 2G NightCoupons
2828 Days100MB Day + 100MB Night 2G DataCoupons
365 Days250MB 2G Day+250MB 2G NightCoupons
4828 Days200MB 2G/3G Day + 200MB 2G/3G NightCoupons
9814 Days600MB 2G DataCoupons
12828 Days1GB 2G DataCoupons
14828 Days1.35GB 2G 28 Days+1.35GB 2G 7 NightsCoupons
19660 Days2GB 2G Day+2GB 2G NightCoupons

3G Internet Packs

22As Per The Balance Validity Of PI 2981GB 2G/3G data(Can be availed after recharge of a PI 298. *Validity of the data benefits would be as per the balance validity of PI 298)Coupons
233 Days110MB 2G/3G Day+110MB 2G/3G NightCoupons
385 Days225MB 2G/3G Day+225MB 2G/3G NightCoupons
4828 Days200MB 2G/3G Day + 200MB 2G/3G NightCoupons
555 Nights1 GB 2G/3G for 5 Nights(12 AM to 6 AM)Coupons
677 Days350MB 2G/3G Day+350MB 2G/3G NightCoupons
7810 DaysLimited 300MB 3G DataCoupons
15521 Days1GB 2G/3G 21 Days+1GB 2G/3G 7 NightsCoupons
17528 Days1GB 2G/3G 28 Days+1GB 2G/3G 7 NightsCoupons
19828 Days1.3GB 2G/3G 28 Days+1.3GB 2G/3G 7 NightsCoupons
27528 DaysAssured data of 2 GB 3G/2G Data for 28 Days.Also you may get upto 15 GB 3G/2G Data for 28 Days.Coupons
29528 Days2GB 2G/3G 28Days+2GB 2G/3G 28NightsCoupons
29828 Days2GB 2G/3G 28DaysCoupons
39928 Days5GB Day + 5GB Night 2G/3G DataCoupons
69728 DaysUnlimited 2G/3G with 7GB Hi-SpeedCoupons
99728 DaysUnlimited 2G/3G with 12GB Hi-SpeedCoupons
139728 DaysUnlimited 2G/3G with 20GB Hi-SpeedCoupons

Rate Cutters

73 DaysLA2A 10p/min , LA2O 30p/Min, STD 30p/Min.1st call of the day will be charged @50p/min for Local & STDCoupons
122 Days25 Mins Local and STDCoupons
137 DaysAll Local calls@1.2p/2secCoupons
1510 DaysLocal Aircel Calls@15p/MinCoupons
254 Days120 Local A2A MinsCoupons
3130 DaysLocal Aircel to Aircel calls @10/minCoupons
3228 DaysSTD mobile calls @25p/minCoupons
3421 Days85 Local MinutesCoupons
3530 DaysLocal mobile calls @25p/minCoupons
3728 DaysLoc Mobile calls 1.2p/2sCoupons
4121 Days80 local/STD minCoupons
4330 DaysLocal & STD mobile calls @25p/minCoupons
4514 DaysLocal A2A @ 10p/MinCoupons
4621 Days120 Local A2A MinsCoupons
4728 DaysAll Mobile STD Calls @25p/MinCoupons
5414 Days275 Local A2A MinsCoupons
5628 DaysAll local mobile call 30p/min +STD mobile call @35p/minCoupons
5928 DaysLocal Aircel Calls@10p/MinCoupons
6156 DaysLoc Mobile calls 1.2p/2s, STD mobile calls 1.5p/sec for 56 days + 100MB 2G/3G Data for 5 DaysCoupons
6430Local Aircel to Aircel calls @10p/min , Local Aircel to other mobile calls @25p/min, STD Mobile calls @25p/minCoupons
6621 Days500 Local A2A MinsCoupons
7190 DaysLocal Aircel to Aircel calls @10/minCoupons
7390 DaysLocal mobile calls @25p/minCoupons
7456 DaysAll local mobile call 30p/min +STD mobile call @35p/minCoupons
7528 Days180 local/STD MinsCoupons
85New84 DaysLoc Mobile calls 1.2p/2s, STD mobile calls 1.5p/secCoupons
9628 Days900 Local A2A MinsCoupons
9728 Days350 Local A-A Mins , 150 Local A-O MinsCoupons
12314 DaysVoice: Unlimited Local Aircel to Aircel callingCoupons
12628 Days400 local/STD Mins.Coupons
19421 DaysUnlimited STD Aircel to Aircel CallsCoupons
19921 Days1.5 Lacs sec Local A-A calls b/w 10pm-5pm & 20p/min b/w 5pm-10pm. for 21 days + 199 MB 2G data for 3 daysCoupons
29928 DaysUnlimited Local A2A callsCoupons
39828 DaysUnlimited Local A2A calls + 500 MB 2G/3G dataCoupons


10Talktime - 7.7Coupons
60Lucky Recharge - Extra Talktime Upto Rs 200. Assured Talktime of Rs 54Coupons
6984 Talktime - 21D | 76 MB 2G-3GCoupons
100Talktime - 86.96Coupons
109120 DA TT for 28 Days & 130 MB 2G data for 5 Days.Coupons
110Talktime - 95.65Coupons
120Lucky Recharge - Extra Talktime Upto Rs 300. Assured Talktime of Rs 125Coupons
150Extra Talktime-160Coupons
200Extra Talktime-220Coupons
300Extra Talktime-326Coupons
500Extra Talktime-546Coupons
1000NewExtra Talktime-1100Coupons

SMS Packs

97 Days125 Local/National SMSCoupons
2615 Days500 Local/National SMSCoupons
3321 Days700 Local/National SMSCoupons
49New28 Days1000 Local/National SMSCoupons
6328 Days1200 Local/National SMSCoupons

ISD Packs

1810 DaysBangladesh @Rs 1.99/min, Nepal @Rs 6.49/min, USA & Canada @Re 1/min,Singapore @Rs 1.80/minCoupons
4228 DaysBangladesh =Rs 1.49/min, Nepal =Rs 5.99/min,US & Canada = Rs 1.20/min, Singapore Rs. 1.80/minCoupons

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    Useful Numbers & Codes

  • Main Balance - *125#
  • Customer Care - 198 (Toll Free)
  • APN - aircelgprs
  • Special Offers - *121#
  • Deactivate VAS - SMS STOP to 155223
  • 1 Day Unlimited (64kpbs after 50MB) 2G/3G internet @ Rs.9 - *121*969#
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