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These plans of Airtel for Assam was last updated on Saturday, 21 January 2017.


2G Data Recharge

7New1 Day40MB 2GRecharge
15New2 Days85MB 2GRecharge
18New2 Days100MB 2GRecharge
25New4 Days140MB 2GRecharge
48New7 Days250MB 2GRecharge
57New7 Days230MB 2GRecharge
73New10 Days350 MB 2GRecharge
98New14 Days550MB 2GRecharge
107New14 Days430Mb 2GRecharge
125New28 Days430Mb 2GRecharge
154New21 Days900MB 2GRecharge
174New28 Days1GB 2GRecharge
198New28 Days1.25Gb 2GRecharge
248New28 DaysLucky Jackpot 2GB 2G Data to 10 GBRecharge
299New28 Days3GB 2G + unlimitedRecharge
398New28 Days4GB 2G thereafter unlimited @40kbpsRecharge

3G Data Recharge

8New1 Day30MB 3GRecharge
26New3 Days100MB 3GRecharge
29New30 Days75 MB 2G/3G/4G .Recharge
44New30 Days115 MB 2G/3G/4GRecharge
47New5 Days190MB 3GRecharge
53New1 Night1GB 3G/4G (00:00 to 6 AM )Recharge
58NewUnlimited80 Mb ( 2G/3G/4G ), Base Tariff 2p/s Local / STD mobile and LL For ISD Tariff refer ISD call ratesRecharge
74NewUnlimited110 Mb ( 2G/3G/4G ), Base Tariff 2p/s Local / STD mobile and landline. For ISD Tariff refer ISD call ratesRecharge
96New5 Days1 GB 3GRecharge
101New28 Days250MB 3G/4GRecharge
124New28 Days1GB 3G Night. Special benefit after recharge of - 1GBRecharge
149New14 Days600MB 3GRecharge
153New28 Days400MB 3G/4GRecharge
155New28 Days250MB 2G + 250MB 3G/4GRecharge
169New7 Days512MB 3GRecharge
185New14 Days750MB 3GRecharge
186New28 Days400mb 3G/4G day & night + 400mb night ( 12AM - 6AM)Recharge
196New14 Days512MB 3G/4GRecharge
225New14 Days750MB 3G/4GRecharge
249New26 Days1 GB 3G/4GRecharge
259New28 Days1 GB 3G/4GRecharge
265New28 Days1GB 3G/4G and wynk plus subscriptionRecharge
29428 Days1GB 3G/4G day & night + 1GB night ( 12AM - 6AM)Recharge
295New28 Days1.25GB to 10GB 3G/4GRecharge
315New28 Days1.5 GB 3GRecharge
348New28 Days1GB 3G Day + 2GB 3G NightRecharge
355New28 Days2 GB 3GRecharge
415New28 Days2.5 GB 3GRecharge
449New26 Days3GB 3GRecharge
459New28 Days3GB 3GRecharge
49628 Days3GB 3G/4G INSTANT ( 28 D) + 1GB 28D @ RS 124 FOR 6 MONTHSRecharge
498New28 Days1GB 3G Day + 5GB 3G NightRecharge
515New28 Days3.5 GB 3GRecharge
545New28 Days2GB 3G/4G day & night + 2GB night ( 12AM - 6AM)Recharge
555New28 Days4 GB 3GRecharge
655New26 Days5GB UL 3GRecharge
659New28 Days5GB Unlimited 3GRecharge
74828 Days5GB 3G/4G INSTANT ( 28 D) + 1GB 28D @ RS 96 FOR 6 MONTHSRecharge
749New28 Days6GB 3GRecharge
755New26 Days6GB unlimited 3GRecharge
759New28 Days6GB unlimited 3GRecharge
79528 Days3GB 3G/4G day & night + 3GB night ( 12AM - 6AM)Recharge
855New26 Days7GB unlimited 3GRecharge
859New28 Days7GB unlimited 3GRecharge
945New28 Days4GB 3G/4G day & night + 4GB night ( 12AM - 6AM)Recharge
949New26 Days9GB unlimited 3GRecharge
959New28 Days9GB unlimited 3GRecharge
999New28 Days10GB unlimited 3GRecharge
1095New28 Days5GB 3G/4G day & night + 5GB night ( 12AM - 6AM)Recharge
1098New28 Days3GB 3G/4G thereafter 25p/MB, Unlimited local Airtel to Airtel calls, 100 SMS/Day Local/StdRecharge
1245New28 Days6GB 3G/4G day & night + 6GB night ( 12AM - 6AM)Recharge
1255New28 Days13GB unlimited 3GRecharge
1495New90 Days15GB for 3G handset & extra 15GB ( total 30GB 3G/4G ) on 4G handsetsRecharge
1498New12 MONTHSBenefit:Instant 10GB 3G/4G .Now for 1 year get 1GB 3G 28d@ just Rs53 , 2GB 3G @ Rs96, 5GB 3G 28d@ Rs259Recharge
1499New28 Days10GB 3G/4G + UnlimitedRecharge
1555New28 Days15GB unlimited 3GRecharge
1749New28 Days5GB 3G/4G , unlimited local calls, 100sms/day, Unlimited Wynk music and Airtel movies(Eros/Hooq)Recharge
1755New28 Days17 GB 3GRecharge
1845New28 Days10GB 3G/4G day & night +10GB night ( 12AM - 6AM)Recharge
2249New28 Days7GB 3G/4G+Unlimited local, STD, Roaming calls+Fixedline+Music+MovieRecharge
3249New28 Days15GB 3G/4G , Unlimited local+STD+roaming calls, 100sms/dayRecharge
334528 Days20GB 3G/4G day & night + 20GB night ( 12AM - 6AM)Recharge

Full Talktime Recharge

50NewUnlimitedFull Talktime Rs. 50Recharge
80NewUnlimitedTalktimeof Rs 66.57Recharge
100NewUnlimitedFull Talktime Rs. 100Recharge
200NewUnlimitedTalktime of Rs.220Recharge
300NewUnlimitedTalktime of Rs.330.Recharge
330NewUnlimitedFull Talktime Rs. 330Recharge
390NewUnlimitedFull Talktime Rs. 390Recharge
500NewUnlimitedTalktime of Rs.550.Recharge
510NewUnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 520Recharge
1000NewUnlimitedTalktime of Rs.1100.Recharge
2000UnlimitedFull Talktime of Rs.2100Recharge

National Roaming

3490 DaysIncoming free for 90days + Roaming Local OG @ 80p/min and STD OG @ Rs 1.15/min for 90 daysRecharge
4160 Days55 mins of roaming incoming and roaming outgoing calls for 60 daysRecharge
6628 Days95 mins of Local + STD + roaming incoming + roaming outgoing for 28 DaysRecharge
7990 DaysIncoming free for 90days + Roaming Local OG @ 80p/min and STD OG @ Rs 1.15/min for 90 days + Talktime Rs.40Recharge
8990 Days120 mins of roaming incoming + roaming outgoing for 90 daysRecharge
15728 Days230 mins of Local + STD + roaming incoming + roaming outgoing for 28 daysRecharge
18828 DaysRoaming Tariff - Incoming Free, Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min with Talktime 120 in main A/cRecharge
30628 DaysFTT 306 with Roaming Tariff - Incoming Free, Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/minRecharge

Recharge for New Customers (First Recharge / Second Recharge)

2New90 DaysAll Mobile Local+STD calls @ 1 p/secRecharge
3NewTariff - 90 DaysAll STD mobile calls @ 30p/minRecharge
4New90 DaysAll Local+STD mobile calls @ 30p/minRecharge
5New90 DaysAll Local A2A mobile calls @ 10p/minRecharge
31New90 DaysFull Talktime & 1.5p/sec All Local+STD mobile calls , 50 MB 3G/4G for 30 days. Roaming Incoming FreeRecharge
51New90 DaysFull Talktime & 1.6 p/sec All Local+STD mobile calls , 50 MB 2G . Roaming incoming FreeRecharge
61New90 DaysFull Talktime & 1.5p/sec All Local+STD mobile calls , 50 MB 2G. Roaming incoming FreeRecharge
62New90 Days34 TT & All Local + Std mobile calls @ 1.5p/sec for 90 Days. 100 MB 2G data for 30 days. Roaming IC Free for 90 daysRecharge
106New90 DaysAll Local + Std mobile calls @ 1.5p/sec for 90 Days. 1GB 3G/4G for 30 days. Roaming IC Free for 90 daysRecharge
126New90 Days20 TT & All Local + Std mobile calls @ 1.5p/sec for 90 Days. 1GB 3G/4G for 30 days. Roaming IC Free for 90 daysRecharge
145New90 DaysUnlimited Local+STD Airtel to Airtel mobile calls . 4G handset : 300MB 4G . Other handse : 50 MB 3G . 1.6 p/sec Local+STD mobile calls . Roaming incoming FreeRecharge
197New90 Days1.5p/sec all mobile calls. 1GB 3G/4G . Roaming incoming FreeRecharge
256New90 DaysBenefit : 1GB 3G data, val-30D + All Local + Std mobile calls @ 1.5p/sec for 90 days.Extra 9GB on 4g HS through App.Roaming IC Free for 90 daysRecharge
351New90 DaysFree All Local & STD calls + 1GB on 4G handset (50MB others).1.6 p/s Local+STD mobile calls +Roam incoming Free .Extra 3 GB for 4G handset through AppRecharge
1494New90 DaysAll Local + Std mobile calls @ 1.5p/sec for 90 Days. 15 GB +15 GB 3G/4G for 90 days. Roaming IC Free for 90 daysRecharge

Special Recharge - STV : Combo

94 Days90 Local +STD smsRecharge
117 Days200 airtel local smsRecharge
1228 DaysLocal Mobile call @ 30p/min, (First 120 sec of the day @ 1.5p/sec).Recharge
132 DaysLocal A2A 22 minRecharge
16New28 DaysLocal and STD mobile call @ 1p/secRecharge
17New28 DaysAll STD Mobile calls @ 30p/min.Recharge
19New21 DaysAll Local Mobile calls @ 30p/min for 21 days.Recharge
21New56 Dayslocal mobile 1.5p/s and std mobile 1.6p/sRecharge
22New7 DaysLocal Airtel Mobile calls @20p/min.Recharge
23New28 DaysAll Local Mobile calls @ 35p/minRecharge
24New4 DaysLocal Airtel calls @ 10p/min (First 90 sec of the day @ 2p/sec).Recharge
27New3 Days75 local airtel minutesRecharge
284 DaysAll Local 45 MinRecharge
32New56 DAYSLocal mobile call @ 1p/sec and STD mobile call @ 1.2p/secRecharge
33New28 DaysAll STD Mobile calls @ 35p/minRecharge
3528 Days450 Local and STD SMSRecharge
3628 DaysNEPAL RS 5.99/Min, BANGLADESH 1.99/Min, SAUDI ARABIA 7.49/Min, USA/CANADA 1.49/Min, MALAYSIA/THAILAND 3.49/Min, BHUTAN 5.99/Min.Recharge
37New28 DaysAll Local A2A calls @ 10p/minRecharge
38New56 DaysAll Local Mobile calls @ 30p/minRecharge
39New56 DaysAll STD Mobile calls @ 30p/minRecharge
455 DaysLocal A2A 110 minRecharge
46New28 DaysAll mobile calls at 50p/minRecharge
4928 DaysLocal Mobile 45p/mRecharge
54New28 DaysLocal Airtel Mobile calls @10p/min (first 2 mins of the Day @ 2ps/sec) .Recharge
55New7 DaysFull Talktime + 1 local airtel SMS free.Recharge
56New7 Days100 mins Local and STD mobile callsRecharge
59New14 DaysLocal Airtel Mobile calls @ 10p/min.Recharge
63New7 Days150 airtel minutes, Recharge
64New28 DaysSTD mobile call @ 25p/minRecharge
65New28 Daysall mobile calls at 45p/min, Recharge
6828 DaysLocal Mobile 40p/mRecharge
7528 Days1000 Local and National SMSRecharge
77New28 DaysLocal airtel call @ 15p/minRecharge
7828 DaysLocal Mobile 35p/mRecharge
8528 DaysLocal/STD Mobile call 40p/mRecharge
91New14 Days6500 STD Airtel secondsRecharge
93New28 DaysLocal Airtel Mobile calls @ 10p/min.Recharge
9428 DaysAll Local mobile calls @ 35p/minute All STD mobile calls @ 40p/minuteRecharge
9528 DaysLocal Mobile 30p/mRecharge
97New7 Days400 All Local & STD mins valid .Recharge
99New5 DaysLocal Airtel to Airtel 350 minRecharge
10490 DaysAll Std call 40p/mRecharge
10514 DaysAll Local 185 MinRecharge
10828 DaysAll Local mobile calls @ 30p/minute All STD mobile calls @ 40p/minuteRecharge
119New28 DaysLocal Airtel Mobile calls @ 15p/min Airtel to Airtel + 30p/min local A2MRecharge
12714 DaysLocal/Std Mobile 200 minRecharge
1287 DaysSTD Mobile 200 minRecharge
12914 DaysAll STD 200 minRecharge
13514 Days220 All Local Call MinutesRecharge
147New2 DaysRoaming charges :Free All Local & STD calls for 2 daysRecharge
148New28 DaysBenefit-Enjoy Free Local +STD Airtel calls(T&C apply)+ 50MB 3G/4G data for 28 days. For 4G handset only, get 300MB data.Recharge
1517 Days550 Local Airtel MinutesRecharge
152New30 Days60 ISD mins for selected countriesRecharge
158New28 DaysRs.100 Talktime & 120MB 3GRecharge
1597 DAYS240 All Local and STD mobile minsRecharge
17914 DaysLocal Std Mobile 275 minRecharge
1957 Days300 Local& STD MinutesRecharge
199New14 Days600 Local Airtel minutesRecharge
20928 DaysAll local 460 minRecharge
269New10 DaysUnlimited Local airtel callsRecharge
297New10 DaysUnlimited Local airtel callsRecharge
298New4 DaysFree All Local & STD callsRecharge
34528 DaysFull Talktime of Rs.345 + 100 Local Airtel SMSRecharge
347New28 DaysUnlimited Local +STD Airtel to Airtel mobile calls with 1GB 3G/4GRecharge
349New28 DaysBenefit-FREE All Local+STD calls (T&C apply)+50MB 4G/3G data for 28 days. For 4G handset only, 1GB 4G/3G data.Recharge
399New15 DaysUnlimited Local airtel callsRecharge
409New28 Days6000 local airtel minutes + 1500 local airtel SMSRecharge
49928 DaysDaily100 Airtel toAirtel STD Minutes for same day useRecharge
501New28 Days5GB 3GRecharge
549New28 DaysUnlimited Local + STD airtel callsRecharge
599New28 Days1 GB 3G/4G & Unlimited Local airtel callsRecharge
61290 DaysAll Std 40p/mRecharge
649New28 DaysLocal mobile call freeRecharge
799New28 Days1GB 3G/4G & Unlimited Local + STD airtel callsRecharge
849New28 DaysLocal and STD mobile call freeRecharge
899New28 Days1GB 3G/4G, Unlimited local mobile callsRecharge
1997New84 DaysLocal and STD mobile call free + 3 GB 3G/4GRecharge

Top-up Recharge

10UnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 7.7Recharge
20NewUnlimitedTalktime of Rs.15.39Recharge
30NewUnlimitedTalktime of Rs.23.10Recharge
40UnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 31.78Recharge
60UnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 49.17Recharge
70UnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 57.87Recharge
90NewUnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 75.26Recharge
110UnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 92.65Recharge
120UnlimitedTalktime benefit ranging from Rs.110 to Rs.150. Assured Talktime Rs.110Recharge
130UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.127Recharge
140UnlimitedTalktime benefit ranging from Rs138 to Rs 200. Assured Talktime Rs138Recharge
150UnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 147Recharge
160UnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 136.13Recharge
170UnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 144.83Recharge
190UnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 162.22Recharge
210UnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 182.61Recharge
220UnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 188.3Recharge
230UnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 197Recharge
240UnlimitedTalktime benefit ranging from Rs.230 to Rs.300. Assured Talktime Rs.230Recharge
270UnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 231.78Recharge
290UnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 249.17Recharge
400UnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 344.83Recharge
520UnlimitedTalktime of Rs. 449.17Recharge

Voucher Recharge

31 Day60 Local A2A SMSRecharge
51 Day. Except 5 Pm To 10 Pm12 min offpeak local Airtel calls.Recharge
51 Day25 MB 2G InternetRecharge
51 Day7 local airtel minsRecharge
71 Day35 MB 2G InternetRecharge
91 Day45 MB 2G InternetRecharge
91 Day30 minutes local Airtel to Airtel callsRecharge
91 Day60 MB data in 2G. Thereafter 10p/10 KbRecharge
122 Days80 MB 2G dataRecharge
12Mins Valid For 1 Day20 minutes All Local & STD CallsRecharge
12Mins Valid For 1 Day Till Midnight31 minutes - Local airtel to airtelRecharge
122 Days60 MB 2G InternetRecharge
132 Days28 minutes Local Airtel to AirtelRecharge
152Talktime Rs.15, 1 local A2A SMS for 1 dayRecharge
157 Days20 videosRecharge
153 Days100 MB 2G dataRecharge
152 Days38 mins Local Airtel to AirtelRecharge
152 Days24 mins All Local & STD CallsRecharge
152 Days40 mins Local Airtel to AirtelRecharge
153 Days75 MB 2G InternetRecharge
1628 DaysLocal mobile @1.2p/sec and STD mobile @1.4p/secRecharge
2156Local mbl calls @1.4p/s, STD mbl @1.5p/s, LL 2.5p/sRecharge
252G 6 Days, 3G 3 Days165 Mb 2G or 80 Mb 3GRecharge
255 Days125 MB 2G InternetRecharge
256 Days165 MB GPRSRecharge
253Talktime Rs.25, 1 local A2A SMS 1 dayRecharge
253 Days40 minutes All Local & STD CallsRecharge
276 Days75 local airtel minsRecharge
28450 minutes all local callsRecharge
475150 Mb 3GRecharge
557Talktime Rs.55, 1 local A2A SMS 1 dayRecharge
600Rs. 52.40Recharge
7930All calls 1.5p/secRecharge
20928 Days530 local mins for 30 daysRecharge

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Useful Numbers & Codes

  • Main Balance - *123#
  • Airtel Money - *400#
  • Night Store - *129#
  • APN -
  • 2G Data Balance - *123*10#
  • 3G Data Balance - *123*11#
  • Customer Care - 198 (Toll Free)
  • Check your number - *282#
  • Balance &Validity of Current Plans - *129*08#
  • Data offers - *567#
  • Voice Cashback received last night - *125*323#
  • Voice Cashback balance - *125*324#
  • Voice Cashback received till date - *125*325#
  • Deactivate VAS - SMS STOP to 155223