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You are here : Home > Prepaid > Airtel > Bihar & Jharkhand provides you the latest plans of Airtel.We update these plans almost daily .This plan of Airtel for Bihar & Jharkhand was last updated on Wednesday, 23 April 2014.This page contains the full information about recharge offers,SMS packs ,internet recharge,tariff vouchers,full talk time plan of Airtel for Bihar & Jharkhand zone.

Easy Recharge

Top Up Recharge

(in Rupees)
Talk Time/DescriptionValidityService Tax
(in Rupees)
10Get Talktime of Rs7.90 in main balance-1.1
20Get Rs15.80 in Main Balance(Lapu & Paper)-2.2
25Get 90 Local airtel2 airtel minutes, valid-3 days02.75
30Get Talktime of Rs23.70 in main balance-3.3
35Get Rs28.15 Talk time in main Balance + 5 night local airtel2airtel SMS, valid-2 days.0 Days3.85
40Get Talktime of Rs32.6 in main balanceNA4.4
50Rs 42 Talktime-5.5
55Get Rs50 Talktime+2 Local airtel2airtel night SMS,valid-2 days.0 Days6.05
60Get Talktime of Rs55 in main balance-6.6
70Rs 65 Talktime-7.7
80Get Talktime of Rs80 in main balance-8.8
100Get Talktime of Rs100 in main balance-11
111Rs111 TT and 5 local airtel night sms (11pm to 6am) validity 2 days-12.21
120Get Talktime of Rs120 in main balance-13.2
150Get Talktime of Rs150 in main balance-16.5
200Talktime - Rs 200NA22
220Get Talktime of Rs220 in main balance-0
230Get Talktime of Rs230 in main balance-0
300Get Talktime of Rs315 in main balanceNA33
330Get Talktime of Rs330 in main balance-0
500Get Talktime of Rs525 in main balanceNA55
1000Get Talktime of Rs1050 in main balance-110
2000Get Talktime of Rs2200 in main balance-220.01
2500Get Talktime of Rs2750 in main balance-275.01

SMS Recharge

(in Rupees)
Talk Time/DescriptionValidityService Tax
(in Rupees)
11125 local+national sms10 Days1.21
13local+national SMS @ 10p28 Days1.43
21225 local+national SMS28 Days2.31
32local+national SMS @ 10p + 125 MB 2G valid 5 days28 Days3.52
57650 local+national SMS28 Days6.27

Tariff Recharge

(in Rupees)
Talk Time/DescriptionValidityService Tax
(in Rupees)
8local airtel 1.5p/sec; local mobile other 1.6p/sec; STD mobile @ 1.6p/sec90 Days0.88
1240 local on-net minutes validity 1 day(available on USSD-444*12#)1 Days1.32
14all STD call@ 40p/min18 Days1.54
1545 local airtel mins; validity 2 days2 Days1.65
18local @ 45p/min; validity 14 days14 Days1.98
19local airtel @ 1p/sec; other local @ 1.2p/sec28 Days2.09
22local @ 40p/min; new validity 14 days14 Days2.42
23local airtel @ 1p/sec; other local + std @ 1.2p/sec28 Days2.53
28nepal rs. 6.99, bangladesh rs. 2.99, pak rs.6.99, SA, Kuwait, Bahrain rs.7.5 / min and UAE @ Rs.8.99, Qatar @ rs.1130 Days3.08
29STD @ Re 1/3min28 Days3.19
34all local mobile @ 30p/min10 Days3.74
37USA & Canada@Rs 1.99/min , UK land line @ Rs 3.99/min.30 Days33.54
38local @ 45p/min; validity 28 days + Rs.5 Talktime28 Days4.18
39local + STD mobile @ 45p/min28 Days4.29
41Local airtel night tariff Re1/20 mins28 Days4.5
44Local airtel call@ 30p/min28 Days4.8
46Get 160 Local airtel minutes. Valid-5 Days5 Days40.94
49local mobile @ 40p/min + Rs 9 talktime28 Days5.39
53Malaysia @ Rs. 2, Bhutan @ Rs. 5, Japan @ Rs. 7, combodia, hong kong, singapore, thailand, china @ Rs. 3, taiwan @ Rs. 8, vietnam @ Rs.5,Sri lanka @ Rs. 6.530 Days5.83
65local airtel @ 1p/sec; other local + std @ 1.2p/sec84 Days7.15
68local mobile @ 35p/min + Rs 10 talktime28 Days7.48
69Local airtel to airtel calls@20p/min28 Days7.59
75local mobile @ 30p/min + Rs 5 talktime28 Days8.25
76local airtel 1.6p/sec, local mobile 1.6p/sec, STD mobile 1.6p/sec, all landline 2.5p/sec90 Days8.36
77local airtel 1.6p/sec, local mobile 1.7p/sec, STD mobile 1.7p/sec, all landline 2.5p/sec90 Days8.47
95345 Local airtel2airtel minutes, valid-12 din12 Days10.45
10510000 local seconds28 Days11.55
198850 Local airtel2airtel minutes, valid-28 din28 Days21.78
299Get 2000 Local airte2airtel minutes + Local Airtel to Airtel call@ 10p/min, valid-28 days28 Days27.92
399Get 4000 Local airte2airtel minutes + Local Airtel to Airtel call@ 10p/min, valid-28 days28 Days43.89

2G Internet Recharge

(in Rupees)
Talk Time/DescriptionValidityService Tax
(in Rupees)
520 MB (only in lapu), 20 MB (paper and USSD)1 Day0.55
1785 MB 2G Internet3 Days1.87
24Get main balance talktime of Rs19 + 5 night Local airtel2airtel SMS valid for 2 days(Easy Recharge)15 Days2.64009
26130 MB 2G Internet5 Days2.86
47235 MB 2G internet9 Days5.17
78local airtel 1.7p/sec, local mobile 1.7p/sec, STD mobile 1.6p/sec, all landline 2.5p/sec90 Days8.58
98500 MB 2G Internet20 Days10.78
125525 MB 2G28 Days13.75
149745 MB 2G Internet28 Days16.4
1551 GB 2G28 Days17.1
1992 GB + unltd 2G28 Days21.89


(in Rupees)
Talk Time/DescriptionValidityService Tax
(in Rupees)
4IC Free while on National Roaming, OG @ 1.5p/sec10.44
925MB 3G internet (LAPU Recharge), 45MB 2G internet (Paper Recharge)1 Day0.99
45150 MB 3G7 Days4.95
73IC Free while on National Roaming, OG @ 1.5p/sec30 Days8
102300 MB 3G20 Days11.22
129local on-net @ 15p/min28 Days14.2
145500 MB 2G + 500 MB 3G28 Days15.95
2511 GB 3G28 Days27.61
4552GB 3G28 Days50.05
6553 GB + unltd 3G28 Days72.05
6993GB 3G Internet90 Days76.9
7554 GB + unltd 3G28 Days83.05
8555 GB + unltd 3G28 Days94.05
9456 GB + unltd 3G28 Days103.95
12559 GB + unltd 3G28 Days138.05
150510 GB 3G28 Days165.56
155512 GB + unltd 3G28 Days171.06

Voucher Recharge

(in Rupees)
Talk Time/DescriptionValidityGrace PeriodService Tax
(in Rupees)
Minutes of Uses
530 MB 2G Internet1 Day00.550
930 min 3G internet1 Day00.990
960 MB 2G internet2 Days00.990
10Free 250 Local Onnet Night Min1NA1.1250 Local Onnet Night Min. (11 PM to 6 AM)
10Free 22 STD + Local Min1NA1.1Free 22 STD + Local Min
10Free 35 Local Onnet Min1NA1.135 Local Onnet Min
1222 Local+STD Mins1 DayNA1.32NA
12300 local onnet night mins1NA1.32NA
1225 Local Mins1NA1.32NA
1240 Local OnNet Mins1NA1.32NA
1530 Local Mins201.65NA
1550 Local Onnet Mins2 Day01.65NA
1525 Local+STD Mins2 DaysNA1.65NA
17115 MB 2G internet4 Days01.870
25150 MB 2G internet7 Days02.750
75500 MB 2G internet18 Days08.250
1251 GB 2G internet30 Days013.750

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