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You are here : Home > Prepaid > Airtel > Jammu & Kashmir provides you the latest plans of Airtel.We update these plans almost daily .This plan of Airtel for Jammu & Kashmir was last updated on Thursday, 26 March 2015.This page contains the full information about recharge offers,SMS packs ,internet recharge,tariff vouchers,full talk time plan of Airtel for Jammu & Kashmir zone.

2G Internet Recharge

224 Days110 MB 2G Data
3114 Days150MB Facebook Usage + 5MB Data
3630 Days200 mb whatsapp data
417 Days200 MB 2G Data
9720 Days500 MB 2G Data
12428 Days525 MB 2G Data
15428 Days1 GB 2G Data
19928 Days2 GB 2G Data
24528 DaysUnlimited : 2 GB
29756 Days2 GB 2G Data

3G Internet Recharge

91 Day25 MB 3G Data
447 Days150 MB 3G Data
511 Day (12am To 6am)1 GB 3G data
10328 Days300 MB 3G Data
11928 Days400 MB 3G Data
12930 DaysWynk Freedom Pack
14628 Days350 MB 3G Data + 350 MB 2G Data
14728 Days500mb 3G data
18628 Days650 MB 3G Data
24928 Days1GB 3G data for 28 Days
25928 Days1 GB 3G data + Wynk Plus FREE
34928 Days1.5 GB 3G Data
45528 Days2 GB 3G Data
60160 DaysFree 1.5 GB 3G Usage Post expiry of free usage browsing charges as per 2G charge 10p/10KB - Pack Valid -60 Days
65528 Days3GB at 3G speeds, post that unlimited@throttled speeds of 80kbps till 5GB & at 10kbps beyond 5GB
75528 Days4GB at 3G speeds, post that unlimited@throttled speeds of 80kbps till 6GB & at 10kbps beyond 6GB
85528 Days5GB at 3G speeds, post that unlimited@throttled speeds of 80kbps till 7GB & at 10kbps beyond 7GB
95528 Days6 GB (3G Data) and post that unlimited@throttled speeds of 80kbps till 8GB & at 10kbps beyond 8GB
125530 Days9 GB 3G Data + post that unlimited@throttled speeds of 80kbps till 11GB & at 10kbps beyond 11GB
150530 Days10 GB 3G Data
155528 Days12GB 3G Data + post that unlimited@throttled speeds of 80kbps till 14GB & at 10kbps beyond 14GB

Discounted Tariff Recharge

490 DaysAll Airtel Local & STD Calls @ 70p/min Other Mobile Local & STD Calls @ 70p/min & Landline Local & STD Calls @Rs.1/min. ISD and SMS Tariff Standard- Pack Validity as per regularity 90 Days
53 DaysAll Local and STD calls at 1p/sec
1328 DaysAll STD Calls @ 1p/sec
1628 DaysLocal AtoA Night Calls (11PM to 6AM) @Re.1/15 mins
191 Day89 local A2A mins
2128 DaysAll STD calls @ 1.7p/2sec
2314 DaysAll Local Calls @ 1p/sec
261 Day125 local airtel mins.
295 Days70 Local A2A mins
3228 DaysUS, Canada 3p/sec, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherland landline 5p/sec, Bangladesh 8p/sec, UAE, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait 12p/sec, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hongkong 5p/sec click here
332 Days160 local airtel mins.
3828 DaysAll STD calls @ Re.1 for 3 mins.
3928 DaysAll STD Calls at 35p/min
422 Days210 local airtel mins.
4328 DaysAll Local Calls @ 1p/sec
4928 DaysSTD @25p/min( first 100 min),then 35p
527 Days100 All Local mins
5421 DaysAll local calls @1.75p/2sec
5728 DaysAll Local & STD Calls at 40p/min
5828 DaysLocal A2A @ 30p/min
597 Days190 Local Airtel mins.
6514 Days750 Local A2A Night minutes (11pm to 6am)
6928 DaysAll local Airtel calls @ 25p/min.
7828 DaysLocal airtel calls at 20p/min
9814 Days325 local A to A mins
10928 DaysLocal airtel calls at 15p/min
14914 Days700 local A2A mins for 14 days
16914 Days350 local mobile mins
17928 Days350 STD Min for 28 days
18928 DaysAll local airtel calls @ 10p/min
20828 Days525 local mobile mins
23928 Days1200 Local Airtel mins.
35528 Days355 Talktime + All Local & STD Calls at 50p/min.
39928 Days3500 airtel to airtel mins.


253 Days40 Local and STD Min
2728 DaysUs ,Canada@1.99/min,UK ,Australia,Newzealand,landline@2.99/min.South east Asia@3.99/min,Gulf/Nepal@6.99/min click here
287 Days500 local Airtel night mins -11pm to 6am
9314 Days180 Local Minutes
10528 Days2000 local A2A night mins (11pm-6am)
19728 Days900 Local Airtel Mins
19828 Days425 STD Minutes
24828 Days550 STD minutes
25528 DaysTalktime 255 and all Local and STD Calls at 1p/sec
29828 Days2000 airtel to airtel mins.
44528 Days445 Talktime & 40p/min Local & STD min for 28 Days
49828 Days1400 STD minutes

SMS Recharge

87 Days30 Local and STD SMS. Refer Foot Note A1
3714 Days200 Local and STD SMS. Refer Foot Note 1A
7928 Days500 Local and National SMS. Refer Foot Note 1A

Top Up Recharge

10Top Up Main AccountRs.9 Main Account TT
151 DayTalktime 15 and 5 Local A-A Min
20Top Up Main AccountRs.18 Main Account TT
30Top Up Main AccountRs.27 Main Account TT
3428 DaysAll Local calls to other mobiles at 1p/sec
50Top Up Main AccountRs.47 Main Account TT
555 Days55 Talktime
7067 Talktime
90Rs.87 Talktime
100Top Up Main AccountRs.97 Main Account TT
120120 Talktime
12514 DaysTalktime 125 (5 Airtel to Airtel local mins for 1 day)
150Main A/c ValidityMain a/c Talktime of Rs.150
200200 Talktime
220220 Talktime
250250 Talktime
550Main A/c ValidityMain Account Talktime of Rs.575
1000Main A/c ValidityMain Account TT of Rs.1050

Voucher Recharge

109 Talktime
2018 Talktime
3027 Talktime
5047 Talktime
10097 Talktime

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