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You are here : Home > Prepaid > Airtel > Kerala provides you the latest plans of Airtel.We update these plans almost daily .This plan of Airtel for Kerala was last updated on Sunday, 20 April 2014.This page contains the full information about recharge offers,SMS packs ,internet recharge,tariff vouchers,full talk time plan of Airtel for Kerala zone.

Easy Recharge

Top Up Recharge

(in Rupees)
Talk Time/DescriptionValidityService Tax
(in Rupees)
3030 Talktime (less than 90 days customers)Unlimited6.3
41Rs 41 TT in main account through Roffer only + 5 Loc Night airtel to airtel minsUnlimited0
6060 talktime (less than 90 days customers)Unlimited9.6
70Upto Rs 100 talktime, Min talktime Rs 60Unlimited7.7
150150 talktimeUnlimited16.5
200Rs 200 talktime - Jackpot RechargeUnlimited0
220210 TTUnlimited0
300310 talktimeNA0
500520 talkimeNA0
990990 TalktimeUnlimited0
20002000 talktimeUnlimited0
30003000 TalktimeUnlimited0

SMS Recharge

(in Rupees)
Talk Time/DescriptionValidityService Tax
(in Rupees)
665 local / national sms1 Day0.66
15150 Loc/nat SMS5 Days.1.68
21230 Local/National SMS7 Days2.31
29450 SMS Local/National Airtel to Airtel20 Days3.19
44490 Local/National SMS20 Days4.84
54600 Local/National SMS30 Days5.94
54600 Local/National SMS28 Days5.94

Tariff Recharge

(in Rupees)
Talk Time/DescriptionValidityService Tax
(in Rupees)
7Home plus roam outgoing at 1.5p/sec, incoming roaming free1 Day0.77
9STD calls@35p/min7 Day0.99
11local and national mobile calls at 1P/SEC, All LL 1.5P/SEC28 Days1.21
1255 Local Airtel to Airtel mins , Valid for 2 days21.32
17Gulf 12p.Yem,Qatar 17p.Rates ps/sec28 Days1.87
22STD Calls @ Rs 1/3miin28 Days2.42
23(ps/sec) UAE Saudi Bahrain 10 Kuwait Indonesia 6 Qatar Oman Yemen 14 US UK LL CAN 3 Malaysia 6 UK Mob 12 Spore N Zealand 3 Bdesh China 7 AUS LL 8 SLanka 9 Nepal Pak RUS AUS Mob 1228 Days2.53
28All STD @ 35ps/Min for 90 days,1st 2 mins @1.5p/sec84 Days3.08
32All STD @35p/min28 Days3.52
34375 local Airtel to Airtel night mins (11pm-6am)15 Days3.74
3530ps/min for all local mobile calls28 Days3.85
37All Local mobile @1.2p/2sec28 Days4.07
39Local airtel call @ 1.2p / 3secs - Local other moblies @1.2p / 2 secs(Only for select districts)1st two local min charged at 90P/Min for the day28 Days4.29
4620p / min Local airtel calls, 30p / min Other Local mobile Calls1st two local min charged at 72Ps/Min for the day28 Days5.06
47STD calls at 30P/Min ( first 300 mins), 35P/Min (post 300 Mins)28 Days5.17
49Local airtel calls at 20ps/min28 Days5.39
51all local mobile call @ 30p/min28 Days5.61
55Loc+STD mobiles @35p/min28 Days6.05
58US ,Canada calls @ 1p/sec,28 Days6.38
63LocA2A 1.2ps/3Sec,A2M1.2/2sec28 Days6.93
65local airtel calls at 20P/MIN other local mob 30P/MIN28 Days7.15
89Local airtel calls @ 10P/Min28 Days9.79
9530 ISD Mins15 Days10.45
102875 Secs to Gulf+12p/s 2 Gulf post 875 Secs30 Days11.22
111200 Loc & STD Mins15 Days12.21
205Local airtel calls@10p/min84 Days22.55

2G Internet Recharge

(in Rupees)
Talk Time/DescriptionValidityService Tax
(in Rupees)
835 MB 2G data1 Day0.88
1880 MB Data valid for 3 Days [GPRS]3 Days1.98
25120 MB (GPRS)5 Days2.75
33150MB Facebook Free + 5 MB data15 Days3.63
45225 MB 2G data, 3P/10KB upto1GB, 30 Days Validity9 Days4.95
68300 MB 2G data + 100 Local night mins14 Days7.48
76375 MB 2G DATA15 Days8.36
98450 MB 2G data + 100 Local/National Airtel to Airtel SMS21 Days10.78
126625 MB 2G DATA, 3p/10kb post 625MB till 90days25 Days13.86
1491GB 2G data28 Days16.4
2012GB POST 2GB UNLIMITED at 80KBPS28 Days22.11
249Unlimited 2G data (High speed upto 3GB)28 Days27.39
349Unlimited 2G data (High speed upto 5GB)28 Days38.39
599Unlimited 2G data (High speed upto 10GB)28 Days65.89


(in Rupees)
Talk Time/DescriptionValidityService Tax
(in Rupees)
1425 Local + STD minutes2 Days1.54
2626 Talktime+ STD SMS@50p/SMS valid 3 days3 Days2.86
6450TT ( Unlimited Validity ) 100MB 2G Data,3 Days7.04
69Local airtel calls@10p/min28 Days7.59
7110 ISD mins to Nepal10days7.81
7575 Talktime+ STD SMS@50p/SMS valid 10 days10 Days0
8650 TT (Unlimited Validity) 150MB 2G Data5 Days9.46
11550TT - Unlimited Validity + Local airtel calls @ 20P/min, Other Local calls at 30P/min30 Day12.65
148500 MB [3G] + 500 MB [GPRS]30 Days0
186186 TT, Unlimited Validity + Kuwait @ 6P/Sec, UAE, Saudi, Bahrain @ 10P/Sec, Local & STD mobile @ 1.5P/Sec, LL@ 2P/Sec14days20.46
199Rs 300 ISD gulf calling talktime15 Days21.89
202510 local mins30 Days22.22
219Rs 219 talktime(main a/c) + Local calls @40p/min30 Days0
299Unlimited local airtel calls (upto 3000 mins)30 Days32.89
300310 talktimeNA0
500520 taktimeNA0
786Rs786 talktime + ISD Gulf calls @10p/s, 300 MB Internet30 Days (ISD,)10 Days(Data)0
990990 talkimeNA0
20002000 talktimeNA0

Voucher Recharge

(in Rupees)
Talk Time/DescriptionValidityGrace PeriodService Tax
(in Rupees)
Minutes of Uses
23(ps/sec) UAE Saudi Bahrain10 Kuwait 630 DaysNA2.53NA
2550 All India mins3 DaysNA2.75NA
25150 MB (GPRS),1p/10kb post 1GB till 90 Days5 DaysNA2.75NA
2626 TT + STD SMS @ 50ps/SMS3 DaysNA2.86NA
3230p/min STD30 DaysNA3.52NA
4512p/sec to Gulf90 DaysNA4.95NA
45100 All India mins5 DaysNA4.95NA
45300 MB 2G data10 DaysNA4.95NA
5041.50 TTUnlimitedNA5.5NA
70upto Rs 100 , min talktime: Rs 60--0-
96Mobile office (Paper Pack).30 DaysNA0NA
10086 TTUnlimitedNA11NA

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