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You are here : Home > Prepaid > Airtel > Mumbai provides you the latest plans of Airtel.We update these plans almost daily .This plan of Airtel for Mumbai was last updated on Wednesday, 29 October 2014.This page contains the full information about recharge offers,SMS packs ,internet recharge,tariff vouchers,full talk time plan of Airtel for Mumbai zone.

2G Internet Recharge

51 Day20 MB 2G Data
172 Days85MB 2G
254 Days125 MB 2G Data
467 Days225 MB 2G Data
568 Days275 MB 2G Data
9814 Days500 MB 2G data
15421 Days600 MB 2G Data
17528 Days1GB 2G
19828 Days1.25GB, post that unlimited at controlled speeds
24828 Days3GB, post that unlimited at controlled speeds
27460 Days2 GB 2G

3G Internet Recharge

131 Day25 MB 3G data
233 Days65 Mb 3G internet
417 Days150 MB 3G Data
52One Night1Gb 3G from 12 am to 6 am (Night Store Product)
9114 Days250 MB 3G internet
14521 Days500 MB 3G internet
15221 Days350MB 2G +350MB 3G
17925 Days725MB 3G internet
20225 Days500MB 2G +500MB 3G
25228 Days1 GB 3G Data
29530 DaysiPhone plan : 200 MB 3G Data, 500 local minutes and 300 SMS (Local+National)
34828 Days1.5 GB 3G
45528 Days2 GB 3G Data
49530 DaysiPhone plan: 500 MB 3G data, 900 local minutes and 400 SMS (Local+National)
65528 Days3 Gb then unlimited at Controlled speeds
75528 Days4 Gb then unlimited at Controlled speeds
79530 DaysiPhone plan: 1200 MB 3G Data, 1400 local minutes and 500 SMS (Local+National)
85528 Days5 Gb then unlimited at Controlled speeds
95128 Days6 Gb then unlimited at Controlled speeds
99530 Daysiphone plan : 3 Gb of 3G internet
125528 Days9 Gb then unlimited at Controlled speeds
150528 Days10 GB 3G data
155528 Days12 Gb then unlimited at Controlled speeds

Discounted Tariff Recharge

7180 DaysStandard Plan Voucher - Local calls - Re.1/min, STD calls - Rs1.5/min
1530 DaysISD Pack-Call Nepal at 10p/sec & Bangladesh at 5p/sec click here
214 Weeks450 minutes of local airtel night calls (11pm-8am)
2884 DaysLocal & STD mobile calls at 1.3p/sec
293 Days100 minutes of Local airtel calls
334 WeeksLocal Calls at 45p/min
3428 DaysLocal & STD mobile calls at 1p/sec
3530 DaysISD Pack-Saudi Arabia/ Bahrain/Kuwait-12p/sec , UAE/Australia/Nigeria/ UK - 15p/sec,Singapore/ Malaysia/ Hongkong/Thailand-8p/sec , Yemen-14p/sec,Qatar-17p/sec,Oman-24p/sec,Iraq-21p/sec,China-2p/sec click here
364 Weeks40p/min for all STD mobile calls
3884 DaysSTD mobile calls at 1p/sec
3930 DaysUP, Bihar, Uttaranchal, Jharkhand & home circle - Free incoming on roaming & outgoing calls at 1.5p/sec (Incoming-75p/min in other states)
43180 DaysRoam Freedom Plan Voucher - All Mobile Calls 1.2p/sec, Landline Calls 2.5p/sec (Local + STD). Roaming rates-Incoming calls 60p/min, Outgoing airtel call 60p/min, Others 80p/min, Landline - Re.1/min
484 WeeksLocal mobile calls at 40p/min
624 WeeksLocal airtel Calls at 25p/min
674 Weeks40p/min for all local & STD mobile calls
6828 DaysRs40 main account Talktime & STD mobile calls at 45p/min
9712 WeeksLocal mobile calls at 45p/min
9912 Weeks40p/min for all STD mobile calls
1024 WeeksLocal airtel Calls at 15p/min
19512 Weeks40p/min for all local & STD mobile calls
2974 Weeks3000 minutes of Local airtel calls


8180 DaysGold Plan Voucher - Local mobile calls 2p/sec, Local fixedline calls 2.5p/sec, All STD calls - 2.5p/sec
1430 DaysIran,Israel,Netherlands,New Zealand,South Korea,Turkey @ 10p/sec. Belgium, Egypt, France,Germany, Indonesia,Italy,Japan, Kenya,Mozambique,Philippines,South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Zambia @ 15p/sec click here
223 Days36 minutes of local & std calls
471Week76 Minutes of Local and STD calls
4930 Days200 Mb Whatsapp
54180 DaysRoam Advantage Plan Voucher - All Local and STD calls and Outgoing in Roaming - Rs1.5p/Sec, Incoming call in roaming - Rs1.25p/sec. Video calls - 5p/Sec
783 Weeks12 Mins of ISD Calls to Nepal and Pakistan click here
962 Weeks30 minutes of ISD calls across 30 countries click here
1083 Weeks35 Mins for ISD calls to Bangladesh click here
1123 Weeks15 minutes of ISD calls to Gulf countries (Bahrain,Kuwait,Oman,Saudi Arabia,UAE,Yemen) click here
11614 Days206 Minutes of Local and STD calls
1532 Weeks153 minutes of ISD calls to USA & Canada
1552 Weeks60 minutes of ISD calls across 30 countries
194180 DaysRoam Advantage Plan Voucher - Free Incoming in Roaming. All Local/STD and Roaming Outgoing calls at Rs1.5p/sec. Video calls - 5p/Sec
22528 Days500 Mins for local and STD calls


41 DayFree incoming calls and Outgoing (Loc+STD) at 1.6p/Sec
2630 DaysFREE Incoming on National Roaming. Home & Roam outgoing calls at 1.5p/s
7630 DaysFree Incoming calls on National Roaming. Outgoing (Home & Roam) at 1.6p/Sec
18828 DaysRs120 Talktime + Free Incoming in roaming and Outgoing calls at 1.2p/sec
30628 DaysTalktime of Rs 306 with Roaming Incoming Free and Outgoing Call (Local+STD) @1.6p/sec

SMS Recharge

97 Days70 local and National SMS
2414 Days240 Local and National SMS
3728 Days370 SMS (Local and National)
5528 Days600 Local and National SMS. Balance check on *123*4#
7556 Days800 SMS (Local and National)
9528 Days1050 Local and National SMS

Top Up Recharge

10Rs 7.90 Talktime
182 DaysRs18 Full Talktime for 2 days and 2 Local SMS for 1 day
20Rs 15.80 Talktime
30Rs 23.70 Talktime
50Rs 41.50 Talktime
70Rs59.3 Talktime
100Rs 86.00 Talktime
130Rs130 Full Talktime
150Rs150 Full Talktime
200Rs200 Full Talktime
250Rs 250 Full Talktime
300Rs 300 Full Talktime
350Rs350 Full Talktime
390Rs 390 Full Talktime
400Talktime of Rs 400
500Rs 500 Full Talktime
550Talktime of Rs 565
750Rs 780 More than Full Talktime
786Rs 825 Talktime
1000Rs 1050 More than Full Talktime
1500Rs 1580 More than Full Talktime
2000Rs 2100 More than Full Talktime
3000Rs 3100 More than Full Talktime

Voucher Recharge

51 Day25 MB 2G Data
97 Days70 local and National SMS,Balance check on *123*4#
131 Day25MB 3G
1410 Days140 local + National SMS, Balance check on *123*4#
3728 Days370 Local and STD SMS
5528 Days600 Local and National SMS
9528 Days1050 Local and STD SMS
29530 DaysiPhone pln:200MB 3G,500 Local mins & 300SMS(Loc+STD)
45530 Days2 GB 3G Data
79530 DaysiPhone pln:1200MB 3G,1400loc mins& 500SMS(Loc+STD)
99530 DaysiPhone pln:3072MB 3G,1500loc mins& 600SMS(Loc+STD)

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  • Main Balance - *123#
  • Airtel Money - *400#
  • Night Store - *129#
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  • 2G Data Balance - *123*10#
  • 3G Data Balance - *123*11#
  • Customer Care - 198 (Toll Free)