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You are here : Home > Prepaid > Airtel > Punjab provides you the latest plans of Airtel.We update these plans almost daily .This plan of Airtel for Punjab was last updated on Friday, 22 August 2014.This page contains the full information about recharge offers,SMS packs ,internet recharge,tariff vouchers,full talk time plan of Airtel for Punjab zone.

2G Internet Recharge

223 Days100 Mb
255 Days125 MB 2G data
377 Days185 MB
7214 Days350 MB 2G Data
9820 Days500 MB 2G Data
12528 Days525 MB 2G data
15528 Days1 GB
19828 Days2GB of 2G for 30 days
24628 Days2G Non -stop internet
29860 Days2GB 2G data
39690 Days2 GB of 2G data

3G Internet Recharge

233 Days60 MB 3G internet
447 Days110 MB 3G internet
9514 Days250 MB 3G internet
19525 Days600 MB 3G internet
24728 Days1 GB 3G data
49530 Days2 GB 3G data
64830 Days2.5 GB 3G data

Discounted Tariff Recharge

91 WeekAll std calls @ 40p/ min
151 Day50 local Airtel to Airtel minutes
164 Weeks250 Local A2A Night mins
174 Weeks1.4p/sec (mobile) & 2.5p/sec (Landline)
181 Day75 local A2A min
197 DaysLocal A2A @ 25p/min
214 Weeks1.2p/sec (mobile) & 2.5p/sec (Landline)
244 WeeksAll STD at 45p/min
273 WeeksAll STD at 40p/min
3328 DaysUS,Canada,Singapore,UK-FL@1.99/m
343 Days130 A2A Min
353 DaysFull Talktime in DA for 3 days +5 Local A2A Night SMS for 2 days
36Rs 29.04 Talktime in main account and 2 night A2A SMS for 2 days
383 DaysLocal A2A 145 minutes
394 WeeksSTD calls @ 40p/min
426 Days70 mins (local + std)
464 WeeksAll local @ 1.6p/2sec
484 WeeksAll Local & STD calls @ 45p/min
494 WeeksLocal A2A @ 30p/min
554 DaysFull Talktime in DA for 4 days +5 Local A2A night SMS for 2 days
5828 DaysCall US/Canada @ 1.2p/sec for 1st 450 Minutes
597 Days4800 secs (local + std)
613 WeeksLocal A2A @ 25p/min
628 WeeksAll STD at 40p/min
634 Weeksall local @ 35p/min
645 Days250 local A2A min
674 WeeksAll Local & STD calls @ 40p/min
694 WeeksAll Local mobile Calls 1.4p/2sec
714 WeeksLocal A2A 25p/min
756 DaysRs 75 Full Talktime
787 Dayslocal A2A 300 min
844 WeeksLocal mobile calls @ 1.2p/2sec
864 Weeks7000 Local A2A Night Min
9212 WeeksAll STD at 40p/min
949 Days335 local A2A min
9714 Days170 Local Minutes
10914 Days200 local minutes
11510 DaysFullTalktime in DA for 10 days+5 local a2a night sms for 2 days
1198 WeeksLocal A2A 25p/min
12314 Days390 Local A2A minutes
1493 Weeks370 Local A2A mins
1974 Weeks20000 local + national seconds
1994 Weeks590 Local Airtel to Airtel min
20128 Days425 local min
24528 DaysFull Talktime in DA +5 A 2 A night sms for 2 days
24928 Days600 local min
2964 Weeks59000 local Airtel to Airtel sec
2974 Weeks30000 local +std seconds
2994 Weeks750 Local Minutes
3494 Weeks1480 Local A2A min


28Rs 22.12 Talktime in main account and 2 night A2A SMS for 2 days


41 DayIncoming roaming free, all outgoing @1.6p/s
43180 DaysRoam 60p Airtel to Airtel, 80p Airtel to other networks, Rs1 landline, 60p Incoming
52180 DaysIC roaming @1.25p/sec & all OG @1.5p/sec
66180 DaysRoaming incoming @ 30p/min for 1st Month, post that 1.25p/s for next 5 months, all outgoing @ 1.50p/s
7628 DaysIncoming roaming free, all Ooutgoing @1.6p/s
181180 DaysIncoming roaming free, all outgoing @1.5p/s

SMS Recharge

1214 Days135 Local+National SMS
2928 Days325 Local+National SMS
8228 Days900 Local+National SMS
11212 Weeks1200 Local + National SMS
22512 Weeks2500 Local + National SMS

Top Up Recharge

10Rs 7.90 Talktime
20Rs 15.80 Talktime
30Rs 23.70 Talktime
40Rs 32.60 Taktime
50Rs 41.50 Talktime
60Rs 50.40 Talktime
70Rs 59.30 Talktime
80Rs 68.20 Talktime
90Rs 77.10 Talktime
962 Weeks7600 secs (local + std)
100Rs 86 Talktime
150Rs 130.50 Talktime
200Rs. 175 Talktime
250Rs 219.5 full Talktime
350Full Talktime
390Full Talktime
500Full Talktime
649Full Talktime
1000Full Talktime
1499Full Talktime
1500Full Talktime
2000Full Talktime
5000Full Talktime

Voucher Recharge

10Top Up7.9 Talktime
151 Day15 Talktime
20Top Up15.8 Talktime
252 Days25 Talktime
3023.7 Talktime
40Top Up32.6 Talktime
50Top Up41.5 70 min
60Lifetime50.4 Talktime
70Lifetime59.30 Talktime
80Lifetime68.20 Talktime
90Lifetime77.1 Talktime
91Lifetime77.99 Talktime
100Top Up86 70 min
110Lifetime94.90 Talktime
130Lifetime112.7 Talktime
140Lifetime121.6 Talktime
150Lifetime130.5 Talktime
160Lifetime139.4 Talktime
170Lifetime148.3 Talktime
180Lifetime157.2 Talktime
190Lifetime166.1 Talktime
200Lifetime175 Talktime
220Lifetime192.8 Talktime
250Lifetime219.5 Talktime
280Lifetime246.2 Talktime
300Lifetime264 Talktime
350Lifetime350 Talktime
400Lifetime356 Talktime
500Lifetime500 Talktime
649Lifetime649 Talktime
1000Lifetime1000 Talktime
1499Lifetime1499 Talktime
1500Lifetime1500 Talktime
3000Lifetime3000 Talktime
7000Lifetime7000 Talktime

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