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You are here : Home > Prepaid > Airtel > Uttar Pradesh (East) provides you the latest plans of Airtel.We update these plans almost daily .This plan of Airtel for Uttar Pradesh (East) was last updated on Saturday, 25 July 2015.This page contains the full information about recharge offers,SMS packs ,internet recharge,tariff vouchers,full talk time plan of Airtel for Uttar Pradesh (East) zone.

2G Data Recharge

193 Days100 MB 2G data
2215 Days150 MB facebook + 50 MB 2G data
284 Days140 MB 2G data
4228 Days200MB 2G Whats App Browsing (Speed as per network latched on)
467 Days230 MB 2G data
578 Days275 MB 2G data
9710 Days500 MB 2G data
9814 Days500 MB 2G data
12618 Days525 MB 2G data
12818 Days535 MB 2G data
14828 Days525 MB 2G data
17128 Days1 GB 2G data
19828 Days1.25 GB 2G data
19928 Days1.25 GB with Unlimited 2G data. Post 1.25 GB unlimited on throttle speed @ 20kbps
24728 Days3GB 2G Unlimited(Post 3 GB unlimited on throttle speed @ 20kbps). To check 2G balance dial *123*21#

3G/4G Data Recharge

263 Days65MB 3G for 3 days
567 Days140 MB 3G data
10614 Days265 MB 3G data
19628 Days0 to 90 Days Customers 1GB 3G, more than 90 days customers 500MB
20628 Days600 MB 3G data
24628 Days1 GB 3G data
26628 Days1GB 3G data and wynk plus subscription
34630 Days1.4 GB 3G data
64630 Days2.5 GB 3G data

Full Talktime Recharge

253 DaysRs 25 Talktime + 5 night A2A mins
556 DaysRs 55 Talktime + 5 night min
200UnlimitedRs. 200 full Talktime
22230 DaysRs 222 Talktime + 3 Local airtel SMS
250UnlimitedRs. 250 full Talktime
300UnlimitedRs. 300 full Talktime
33345 DaysRs 333 Talktime + 3 Local airtel SMS. Balance check dial *123*6#
350UnlimitedRs. 350 full Talktime
390Rs.390 National Roaming Full Talktime
400UnlimitedRs. 400 full Talktime
44460 DaysRs 444 Talktime + 3 Local airtel SMS. Balance check dial *123*6#
500UnlimitedRs. 525 More than full Talktime
550UnlimitedRs. 550 full Talktime
600UnlimitedRs. 600 full Talktime
650UnlimitedRs. 650 full Talktime
700UnlimitedRs. 700 full Talktime
800UnlimitedRs. 800 full Talktime
850UnlimitedRs. 850 full Talktime
900UnlimitedRs. 900 full Talktime
1000UnlimitedRs. 1000 full Talktime
1500UnlimitedRs. 1500 full Talktime
2000UnlimitedRs. 2200 More than full Talktime

National Roaming

51 DayRoaming Tariff - Incoming calls @ 10p/min, Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min
3410 DaysRoaming Tariff - Incoming Free, Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min
7230 DaysRoaming Tariff - Incoming Free, Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min
18828 DaysRoaming Tariff - Incoming Free, Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min with Talktime 120 in main A/c
30628 DaysFTT 306 with Roaming Tariff - Incoming Free, Outgoing local @ 80p/min, STD @1.15Rs/min

Special Recharge - STV : Combo

628 DaysLocal+STD mobile calls@1p/sec(Daily first 120 second@2p/sec)
728 DaysNepal calling 10paise/second
82 Days30p/min All local (A2A+A2M) Mobile calls
97 DaysAll STD Mobile Calls@35p/min
1128 DaysAll Local+STD SMS @10p/SMS
1210 Days120 Local+STD SMS
1328 DaysSTD mobile call 30p/minute(1st 120 sec per day@2p/sec)
155 DaysLocal airtel mobile call@10p/minute(1st 120 sec per day@2p/sec)
1628 DaysAll Local mobile calls@40p/min (1st 120 sec per day@2p/sec)
1728 DaysLocal airtel mobile calls@25p/min(1st 120 sec per day@2p/sec)
185 DaysAll Local mobile calls@30p/min
214 DaysLocal+STD mobile calls@30p/min
2328 DaysAll local mobile call 1p/sec
2410 Days260 Local+STD SMS
2710 DaysLocal airtel mobile call@20p/minute.
2928 DaysAll STD mobile calls@40p/min
3128 Days300 Local airtel night minutes, after that Re1 per 20 min (11 PM to 6 AM)
327 DaysAll Local Mobile Calls@30p/min
3328 DaysOman@15 go Afghanistan@13.99 go Iraq@12.99 go Qatar@11 go Russia/UAE@9 go Yemen@8.99 go Sri Lanka@6.5 go Nepal@6 go Italy@5.99 go New Zealand@2.99 go US,Singapore, Canada@1.99 click here
3528 DaysLocal airtel mobile calls@30p/min, Other Local mobile calls@35p/min (1st 120 sec per day@2p/sec)
3628 Days400 Local+STD SMS
375 Days120 Local airtel minutes
385 Days60 All Local or STD Minutes
3928 DaysAll Local+STD mobile calls@40p/min (1st 120 sec per day@2p/sec)
416 Days70 All Local Minutes
4328 DaysLocal airtel mobile calls@20p/min (Daily first 120 secs@p/s)
4428 DaysLocal A2A-30p/min, A2M-35p/min(10pm-5pm)
4528 DaysAll Local mobile call 30p/minute (1st 120 sec per day@2p/sec)
4728 DaysLocal mobile calls@40p/min
4828 DaysSTD mobile call 30p/minute.
4928 DaysAll Local+STD mobile calls@35p/min (1st 120 sec per day@2p/sec)
5121 DaysUnlimited Night Local airtel mobile Calls (12AM to 6 AM)
5290 Daysall local/STD mobile calls@60p/min,others@Rs.1.20/Min
5456 DaysAll Local Calls will be charged @ 30p/min(10pm-5pm) and 1.5p/sec (5pm-10pm). First 120 Local seconds of the day @ 1.5p/sec.STD Mobile Calls-1.5p/sec, All Landline Calls-2.5p/sec
5928 DaysAll Local mobile calls@40p/min and all STD mobile calls@45p/min
6128 DaysLocal airtel mobile call 25p/minute.
6245 Days690 Local+STD SMS
6428 DaysLocal+STD mobile calls@40p/min
658 Days220 Local airtel mobile minutes. To check minute balance, dial*123*4#
6628 DaysAll Local mobile call 35p/minute.
6810 Days10 Nepal Calling Minutes
6920 DaysLocal airtel mobile calls@10p/min(1st 120 sec per day@2p/sec)
7528 DaysLocal airtel mobile call 10p/minute (1st 120 sec per day@2p/sec)
7728 DaysLocal airtel mobile calls@20p/min
7828 DaysAll local mobile call 30p/min
7928 DaysAll Local+STD mobile calls@30p/min (1st 120 sec per day@2p/sec)
8528 DaysLocal airtel call 10p/min(10PM-5PM), Local airtel call 30p/min(5PM-10PM)
8730 Days50 Talktime and 200 MB 2G Data, 50 MB Facebook, Whatsapp 50 MB
9128 Days1000 All Local and STD SMS
9328 Days625 MB 2G Data, 50 MB Whatsapp+All mobile calls-1.5p/sec
9415 DaysLoc,STD 40p per min,30 days, 62 Talktime, 150MB 3G Data (For new customer only)
9514 Days400 MB Data + Rs15 Talktime
9614 Days340 Local airtel minutes
10128 DaysLocal airtel mobile call 15p/minute.
10212 Days200 All Local minutes
10528 DaysAll Local+STD mobile call 30p/minute.
10828 DaysLocal airtel 20p/min, Other Local 40p/min and STD mobile call 60p/min
11828 DayLocal airtel 20p/min, Other Local 30p/min and STD mobile call 60p/min
12328 DaysLocal Airtel Call -10p/min (24 Hours).Applicable for UP-East Service Area only.
12915 Days230 All local and STD Minute
13530 Days20 Nepal Calling Minutes
13828 DaysLocal airtel 20p/min, Other Local 30p/min and STD mobile call 35p/min
14928 Days265 Local+STD Minutes.
17528 Days450 Local airtel mobile minutes. For balance. Dial*123*4#
18528 DaysLocal airtel 10p/min, Other Local 30p/min and STD mobile call 30p/min
19728 Days500 Calling minutes (All local A2A/A2M)
20128 Days25000 local (A to A + A to M) Seconds
20528 Days620 Local airtel mobile minutes. For balance Dial*123*4#
20728 Days525 Local Minutes
21930 Days490 All local and STD Minutes
29928 Days3000 Local airtel mobile minutes. For balance Dial*123*4#
34828 Days6000 Local airtel mobile minutes. To check minutes balance, dial *123*4#

Top-up Recharge

10UnlimitedRs.7.77 Talktime
20UnlimitedRs.15.54 Talktime
30UnlimitedRs.23.32 Talktime
40UnlimitedRs.32.09 Talktime
50UnlimitedRs. 40.86 Talktime
60UnlimitedRs. 49.63 Talktime
70UnlimitedRs.58.4 Talktime
80UnlimitedRs.67.18 Talktime
100UnlimitedTalktime from Rs86 to Rs130 in main account Talktime. For balance check dial *123#
1091 DayRs 94.01 Talktime in Main a/c and 5 Local SMS valid for 1 day only
110UnlimitedRs.93.49 Talktime
1191 DayRs 102.91 Talktime in Main Account and 5 Local SMS-Valid- 1 day
120UnlimitedRs.102.26 Talktime
130UnlimitedRs.111.04 Talktime
1391 DayRs 120.71 Talktime in Main Account and 5 Local SMS-Valid- 1 day
140UnlimitedRs.119.81 Talktime
150UnlimitedRs.130 Talktime
160UnlimitedRs.137.35 Talktime
170UnlimitedRs.146.12 Talktime
180UnlimitedRs.154.89 Talktime
190UnlimitedRs.163.67 Talktime

Voucher Recharge

1Next Day Mid NightSikka PRC-300 Local a2a secs(10pm-8am)/5L+N SMS
52 Days100 Local+National SMS - ZabarDUS 100 Local+National SMS + 10 Min Radio Mirchi
51 DayFree Incoming on roaming, Outgoing@Re1.5 paise/sec
51 Day(till Midnight Of Recharge)20 MB Internet usage NIL
91 Day40 MB 2G data NIL
107.90 Talktime
152 Days250 Local Airtel Night Minute (11 PM - 6AM)
152 Days24 Local + STD Minute
152 Days25 All Local Minute
152 Days45 Local Airtel Minute
153 Days75 MB 2G Internet
196 Days30p/min All Local Mobile Call
198 Days20p/min Local Airtel Mobile Call
194 Days10p/min Local Airtel Mobile Call
1915 Days35p/min All STD Mobile Call
1920 Days1p/sec All Local Mobile Call
2015.80 Talktime
254 Days125MB 2G Data. To check data bal dial *123*10#
253 Days45 Local Mobile Minute (Pick Pack Recharge)
253 Days80 Local Airtel Minute (Pick Pack Recharge)
253 Days25 TT+3A2A free SMS(for 1 Day)(Pick Pack Recharge) NIL
253 Days125 MB 2G DATA (Pick Pack Recharge)
253 Days80MB 3G Data. To check data bal dial *123*11#
253 Days40 Local + STD Minute (Pick Pack Recharge)
3023.70 Talktime
5041.50 Talktime
10086.00 Talktime

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