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You are here : Home > Prepaid > Idea > Himachal Pradesh provides you the latest plans of Idea.We update these plans almost daily .This plan of Idea for Himachal Pradesh was last updated on Monday, 14 April 2014.This page contains the full information about recharge offers,SMS packs ,internet recharge,tariff vouchers,full talk time plan of Idea for Himachal Pradesh zone.

Voice Recharge

(in Rupees)
DescriptionValidityService Tax
(in Rupees)
16500 Idea Local night (10pm to 6am) mins30 Days1.76
19US / Canada at 2p/sec; China/ Hong Kong/ Tibet / UK-Landline / Aus-Landline / NZ-Landline at 4p/sec; Malaysia / Singapore / Thailand / France-Landline at 5p/sec; Russia at 8p/sec; Nepal & Pakistan at 11p/sec; Australia-Mobile / Baharain / Kuwait / Saudi-Arabia / UAE / Oman-Landline / France Mobile a56 Days2.09
29STD call Re 1 / 3 Mins30 Days3.19
34US/ Canada at 75p/min; China / Tibet at Re. 1/min; Hong-Kong & Bangladesh at Rs. 2.99/min; Nepal at Rs. 6/min; Italy at Rs. 9/min56 Days3.74
471.2p/2sec local calls30 Days5.17
70Minimum Talk-time of Rs 70; maximum talktime of up-to Rs 100NA7.7
81Idea Local 10p/Min30 Days8.91
100Rs 100 TalktimeNA11
1991000 Idea Local Mins30 Days21.89
200Rs 200 TalktimeNA22
20526000 National Secs30 Days22.55
21532000 Local Secs30 Days23.65
500Rs 500 TalktimeNA55

Data Recharge

(in Rupees)
DescriptionValidityService Tax
(in Rupees)
1575 MB & overage =2p/10KB [2G Mobile Internet]3 days1.65
22100 MB & overage =2p/10kb [3G Mobile Internet]3 days2.42
49745 MB & overage =2p/10kb [2G Netsetter]28 Days16.39
58290MB & overage =2p/10KB [2G Mobile Internet]12 days6.38
97300 MB & overage =2p/10KB [3G Mobile Internet]30 days10.67
97300 MB & overage =2p/10KB [3G Netsetter]30 days10.67
99500 MB & overage =2p/10KB [2G Mobile Internet]19 days10.89
99500 MB & overage =2p/10kb [2G Netsetter]19 Days10.89
149745 MB & overage =2p/10KB [2G Mobile Internet]28 Days16.39
197Unlimited (FUP after 2GB) [2G Mobile Internet]28 days21.67
197Unlimited (FUP after 2GB) [2G Netsetter]28 days21.67
2491 GB & overage =2p/10 KB [3G Netsetter]30 days27.39
2491 GB & overage =2p/10KB [3G Mobile Internet]30 days27.39
3491.5 GB & overage =2p/10KB [3G Mobile Internet]30 days38.39
4492 GB & overage =2p/10 KB [3G Netsetter]30 days49.39
7494 GB & overage =2p/10 KB [3G Netsetter]30 days82.39
949Unlimited (6GB FUP) [3G Netsetter]30 days104.39
949Unlimited with FUP after 6 GB [3G Mobile Internet]30 days104.39

SMS Packs

(in Rupees)
DescriptionValidityService Tax
(in Rupees)
14100 Local + National SMS30 days1.54
33440 Local + National SMS30 days3.63
54720 Local + National SMS30 days5.94

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