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These plans of MTNL for Mumbai was last updated on Saturday, 31 December 2016.



50.091 Day40 SMS (Local & National)Coupons
110.131 DayFree 900 seconds local call and Free SMS:100(local + national)Coupons
120.587 Days200 SMS (Local + National)Coupons
150.143 DaysFree 1000 seconds local call and Free SMS:200(local + national)Coupons
190.247 DaysExtend SIM validity to 7 days & Free 120 sec of voice calls on MTNL N/WCoupons
250.5921 DaysNight Calls (11pm to 8 am)-
Dolphin & Trump Mobile : 5p/min
Other local: 30p/min
Regular Calls (Voice & Video)-
Local MTNL: 20p/min,
Other Local : 40p/min,
STD: 50p/min
310.128 DaysSMS Pack 350 SMS (local & National)Coupons
330.1130 DaysCalls (Voice & Video) on MTNL Network-
1st Minute: 30p
2nd Minute: 20p
3rd Minute onwards:10p/min
Other Local & BSNL Mah & Goa-
1st Minute: 50p
2nd Minute: 40p
3rd Minute onwards: 30p/min
Other Local Network in Maharashtra &
Goa: 50p/Min
STD: 75p/Min
340.0314 DaysSTD Pack 4000 STD voice seconds
Talktime (Rs): 0.03
Validity: 14
390.5721 DaysAll local calls @ 40p/min, All STD calls @ 45/minCoupons
450.2756 DaysAll calls to mobile @ 1p/sec, All calls to Land Line MTNL N/w-1p/sec , Other N/w @ 2p/secCoupons
470.1690 DaysValidity extension by 90 days and 500 Free SMS to MTNL n/wCoupons
480.1590 DaysLocal and STD calls at 48p/minCoupons
490.3728 DaysLocal call @ 35p/min & STD calls @ 40p/minCoupons
610.1228 DaysUnlimted Video Calls to Local MTNLCoupons
630.5356 DaysCall to MTNL N/w Mobile(Mumbai + Delhi) @ 1p/2sec,
Voice/Video Call to MTNL N/w Mobile(Mumbai + Delhi) @ 1p/2sec,
All land line calls @ 2p/sec,
other calls @ 1p/sec.
772514 Days Talktime: Rs. 25.00.
77 SMS (Local + National).
350MB of 3G data.
840.7260 DaysAll local and MTNL Delhi voice calls:30p/min and Other STD voice calls:50p/min.Available for (SIM10+FTU84) subscribers only.Coupons
850.55365 DaysSIM Validity Extension
by 365 days
970.9728 Days1350 SMS (Local & National)Coupons
1010.63365 DaysLocal & STD calls on Mobile @ 3p/2sec
Local & STD calls on LandLine @ 2p/sec
1350.228 DaysFree Voice call-100 Local Min To any N/W From MTNL Mumbai N/W only
1.2 GB Free Data(Home+Roam)
1590.2628 Days23000 STD secondsCoupons
1980.0428 DaysCalls (Voice & Video)-
Local MTNL: Unlimited Free
Other Local & STD : 50p/min
1990.7928 Days10, 000 Local seconds
5000 STD Seconds
100 SMS (Local + National) and 2GB 3G data
2970.2128 DaysFree Voice call-200 Local Min To any N/W From MTNL Mumbai N/W only
3 GB Free Data(Home+Roam)
2980.3428 DaysVoice calls:Free 12000 secs Local and Other n/w, 10000 secs STD, 300 MB 3G data, 200 SMS (Local & National)Coupons
3960.828 Days20, 000 Local seconds
10, 000 STD Seconds
150 SMS (Local + National) and 4GB 3G data

Internet Packs

140.023 Days70 MB 3G DataCoupons
220.253 Days200 MB 3G DataCoupons
290.333 Days300 MB 3G DataCoupons
510.4328 Days300 MB 3G DataCoupons
520.3214 Days400 MB 3G DataCoupons
760.287 Days1 GB 3G DataCoupons
990.4828 Days1 GB 3G DataCoupons
1020.357 Days1 GB 3G DataCoupons
1210.0830 Days750 MB 3G DataCoupons
1260.4214 Days900 MB 3G DataCoupons
1520.6228 Days1.1 GB 3G DataCoupons
2520.9430 Days1.3 GB 3G Data, 25 min video calls to local MTNLCoupons
2990.6428 Days 3.5GB 3G DataCoupons
3890.6656 Days 2.5GB 3G DataCoupons
5190.3128 Days6.4 GB 3G DataCoupons
5490.6790 Days5 GB 3G DataCoupons
6710.3328 Days8.5 GB 3G DataCoupons
6750.73120 Days5 GB 3G DataCoupons
7750.68150 Days6 GB 3G DataCoupons
7860.3528 Days11 GB 3G DataCoupons
8490.71365 Days6 GB 3G DataCoupons
8760.4128 Days13 GB 3G DataCoupons
8880.4756 Days9 GB 3G DataCoupons
9490.4428 Days15 GB 3G DataCoupons
9990.3530 DaysUnlimited 3G DataCoupons
10110.5628 Days18 GB 3G DataCoupons
11890.4590 Days10 GB 3G DataCoupons
12510.65365 Days 900MB 3G DATA per month for 12 months. Data validity 30 days hence unused data will not be carry forwarded in next monthCoupons
12990.72365 Days14 GB 3G DataCoupons
19490.5856 Days24 GB 3G DataCoupons
39990.74365 Days80 GB 3G DataCoupons

Talktime Plans

2002000Full TalktimeCoupons
3003050Extra TalktimeCoupons
5006000Extra TalktimeCoupons
5005100Extra TalktimeCoupons
7507700Extra TalktimeCoupons
100010400Extra TalktimeCoupons
220023400Extra TalktimeCoupons

Plan Vouchers

890.52180 Days Local voice calls :Rs 0.90/min,
National voice call : Rs 1.40 /min.
Free incoming when roaming in Maha and Goa.
Incoming voice calls at Rs 0.75/min
when roaming in rest of india.
10990.22365 Days 50 mins of Free voice calls for 12 months on MTNL Mumbai N/w
50 Free SMS for 12 months on MTNL Mumbai N/w.
200 MB Free Data for 12 months (Home & Roam N/w).
Free communication between users mobile and one landline.

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