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You are here : Home > Prepaid > Reliance GSM > Bihar & Jharkhand provides you the latest plans of Reliance GSM.We update these plans almost daily .This plan of Reliance GSM for Bihar & Jharkhand was last updated on Friday, 18 April 2014.This page contains the full information about recharge offers,SMS packs ,internet recharge,tariff vouchers,full talk time plan of Reliance GSM for Bihar & Jharkhand zone.

Special Tariff Vouchers

(in Rupees)
TypeDescriptionValidityAdmin Fees
(in Rupees)
15All India Minute Pack40 Local & STD minutes to any network, valid for 2 days ( Day of recharge + 1 day)213.35
783144 Local Reliance Sec/3144 All Local Sec & 3144 STD Sec2869.42
89160 Local/STD mins1479.21
13All India Tariff PlanAll Local/STD calls @ 1p/sec3111.57
17All Local/STD Calls @ 40p/min2915.13
47All Local/STD Calls 5p/7 seconds3041.83
64All Local/STD mobile calls @ 1p/sec + Talk time of Rs 203256.96
44All Local Minute Pack80 Local Minutes Free739.16
88180 Local Minutes Free1478.32
101210 Local Minutes Free2189.89
148500 Local minutes Free28131.72
208800 Local minutes Free28185.12
35All Local Tariff PlanAll Local Calls @ 25p/min2831.15
45Local Rliance Calls at 1.2p/2sec and other local calls 1.6p/2sec2840.05
54All local calls @ 40 paise/min5648.06
63Local Reliance calls @ 20p/min & Other local Calls @ 30p/min3056.07
22Combo PackTalk time of 22 in Promo account + 5 local /National SMS free (Validity for talk time 3 days & SMS 30 days)319.58
33Talk time of 33 in Promo account + 5 local /National SMS free (Validity for talk time 5 days & SMS 30 days)529.37
46Talk time of 46 in Promo account + 5 local /National SMS free (Validity for talk time 7 days & SMS 30 days)740.94
55Talk time of 55 in main account + 5 SMS free (Validity for SMS 7 days)00
75Talk time of 75 in main account + 5 SMS free (Validity for SMS 7 days)00
222Talk time of 244 in main account + 50 MB Data free (Validity for data 30 days)00
333Talk time of 366 in main account + 75 MB Data free (Validity for data 30 days)00
444Talk time of 488 in main account + 100 MB Data free (Validity for data 30 days)00
555Talk time of Rs. 600 + 50 SMS free ( Validity for SMS 15 Days )00
24Local Reliance Minute Pack85 local Reliance minutes free721.36
42160 local Reliance minutes free737.38
65250 local Reliance minutes free1557.85
95400 local Reliance minutes free2884.55
149900 Local Reliance Minutes free28132.61
36Local Reliance Tariff PlanLocal Reliance Calls @ 20p/min for 28 days (1st min of the days to be charged @ 72p)2832.04
48Local Reliance calls @ 20 paise/min2842.72
86Local Reliance calls @ 10 paise/min3076.54
15MobileNet Pack125 MB313.35
16Unlimited WhatsApp3014.24
291 GB225.81
34250 MB730.26
43Unlimited Facebook, WhatsApp,Twitter3038.27
51350 MB1545.39
71100 MB3063.19
99650 MB2188.11
1241 GB30110.36
29Night Calling Tariff PlanLocal Reliance Calls at 5p/min (Only between 11 PM - 6 AM)2125.81
59Unlimited Local Reliance Calls (Only between 11 PM - 6 AM)2852.51
4Roaming Pack & STVHome & Roaming Location All Local Calls @ Rs1/min & STD Calls @ Rs 1.5/min (incoming Calls in Roaming at 75p/min)1803.56
5Home & Roaming Location All Local & STD Calls @ 1.5p/Sec (Free incoming Calls in Roaming)14.45
31Outgoing Calls @ 1.5p/Sec & Incoming Calls @ 30p/min for 30 Days. Post 30 Days IC Calls @ 1.5p/sec18027.59
61100 Roam/ Home minutes. (Minutes can be used for any outgoing / incoming national call in roam/home location)1554.29
77All Outgoing Local/STD Calls @ 1.5p/sec and all incoming calls free2868.53
14SMS Pack150 SMS (Local + National)713.35
39500 SMS (Local + National)3034.71
41STD Minute Pack75 STD min free2836.49
11STD Tariff PlanSTD Calls @ Rs1.1/3 min289.79
25STD Calls @ 35p/min2822.25
69Unlimited PackUNLIMITED Local Reliance calls Free361.41
299UNLIMITED Local Reliance calls Free28266.11
599Unlimited Local Reliance calls + 4000 STD Reliance Mins Free28533.11
799UNLIMITED Reliance local calls + 10000 Reliance STD min + Daily 30 min to other local/STD free.28711.11

3G MobileNet Plans

DataCharges (in Rs.)Validity(in days)SMS Keywords (Toll Free)USSD Codes (Toll Free)
30MB101MN10 to 51111*565*010#
75MB303MN30 to 51111*565*030#
150MB457MN45 to 51111*565*045#
300MB9730MN97 to 51111*565*097#
400 MB12330ACT G123 to 53739*777*123#
1 GB15630ACT G156 to 53739*777*156#
1.5 GB24630ACT G246 to 53739*777*246#
1GB Free Data + 150 Talk time (Local & STD Calls only)24730MN247 to 51111 *567*247#
2GB Free Data + 300 Talk Time ( Local & STD calls only)44830MN448 to 51111 *567*448#
3 GB49230ACT G492 to 53739*777*492#
*Only for all 3G circles.

Extra Plans

These plans are submitted by the users of this website and daily updates are not performed on these plans.

4Roaming Packs1 DayRoaming i/c call free and o/g call 1.5p/s
152G Internet Pack3 Days125 MB 2G Data
342G Internet Pack7 Days230 MB 2G Data
39SMS Pack30 Days525 All India SMS
522G Internet Pack15 Days350 MB 2G Data
522G Internet Pack15 Days350 MB 2G Data
77Roaming Packs30 DaysRoaming i/c call free and o/g call 1.5p/s
992G Internet Pack21 Days650MB 2G Data
148Internet Packs30 Days1 GB Data + 130 Rs Balance
1782G Internet Pack30 Day3GB 2G Data
194Roaming Packs180 DaysRoaming i/c call free and o/g call 1.5p/s
2482G Internet Pack60 Days6 GB 2G Data

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