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You are here : Home > > Orissa provides you the latest plans of Reliance GSM.We update these plans almost daily .This plan of Reliance GSM for Orissa was last updated on Sunday, 11 December 2016.This page contains the full information about recharge offers,SMS packs ,internet recharge,tariff vouchers,full talk time plan of Reliance GSM for Orissa zone.


3G Pack

1428 Days50 MB 3G DataCoupons
253 Days100 MBCoupons
4528 Days125 MB 3G DataCoupons
4828 Days1 GB 3G DataCoupons
953 Days1 GB 3G DataCoupons
9828 Days2 GB 3G DataCoupons
9921 Days450 MB 3G DataCoupons
1437 Days750MB 3G data. Unused data quota will be forfeited.Coupons
14828 Days3 GB 3G DataCoupons
14915 Days500 MB 3G DataCoupons
15921 Days850 MB 3G DataCoupons
192New21 Days1GB DataCoupons
19314 Days750MB 3G data. Unused data quota will be forfeited.Coupons
24328 Days1.25 GB 3G Data. Unused data quota will be forfeited.Coupons
252New28 Days1GB DataCoupons
25928 Days3 GB 3G DataCoupons
29828 Days4 GB 3G DataCoupons
34328 Days2GB 3G Data. Unused data quota will be forfeited.Coupons
49328 Days3GB 3G Data. Unused data quota will be forfeited.Coupons
64960 Days10 GB 3G DataCoupons
69328 Days5GB 3G Data. Unused data quota will be forfeited.Coupons
129728 Days10Gb 3G Data. Unused data quota will be forfeited.Coupons

4G Data

3928 Days*200 MBCoupons
497 Days225 MBCoupons
6630 Days**21 MBCoupons
9614 Days375 MBCoupons
22621 Days750 MBCoupons
24928 Days1 GBCoupons
44728 Days2 GBCoupons
59928 Days3 GBCoupons
94928 Days5 GBCoupons
129928 Days7 GBCoupons
184928 Days10 GBCoupons

Combo Pack

3728 DaysLocal Mobile Calls @ 1.2p/2s for 28 days.Coupons
387 Days786 All Call Secs everyday + 786 KB 3G data 2 times everydayCoupons
4215 DaysAll Local & STD Calls@1.2P/2SCoupons
4728 DaysLocal & STD Mobile Calls @ 1.2p/2s for 28 days.Coupons
7230 DaysAll Local & STD Calls@1.2P/2SCoupons
7784 DaysLocal & STD Mobile Calls @ 1.2p/2s for 84 days.Coupons
19828 Days1.5 GB 3G Data for Day + 1.5 GB 3G Data For NightCoupons
20230 DaysPromo Talktime of Rs.202 for 30 daysCoupons
30230 DaysPromo Talktime of Rs.302 for 30 daysCoupons

Extra Talktime

220Promo TT of Rs.25Coupons
10000Rs.1000=Rs.1200 Talktime (core Talktime of Rs.867 + Promo Talktime Rs.333) Valid for 60 daysCoupons

Full Talktime

800Core TT of Rs.80Coupons
1500Core TT of Rs.155Coupons
2000Core TT of Rs.210Coupons

ISD Pack

4428 DaysUSA (ex Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, Europe Fixed (UK, Germany) - 2p/sec, China, Singapore, Hong Kong @ 3p/s, Thailand - 10p/sec, Bangladesh, Malaysia - 5p/sec, Nepal @ 16p/s, Bhutan - 10p/sec, Sri Lanka, Qatar-Mo - 20p/sec, Oman-Mo - 30p/sec, Bahrain - 13p/sec , Saudi Arabia-Mo, Japan, Oman-Fixed - 14p/sec , Iran @ 16p/s, France - Mo - 40p/sec UAE, Qatar-Fixed, Yemen Rep, Philippines - 16p/sec, Australia, Belgium, Indonesia, Korea (South), Spain, Saudi Arabia-Fixed, New Zealand, Kuwait, Germany-Mo, France-Fixed, Portugal, Vietnam - 10p/secCoupons

Minutes Pack

7528 Days8000 Sec Local & STDCoupons
15828 Days18000 Sec All LocalCoupons

Regular Talktime

490Promo TT of Rs.45Coupons
1000Core TT of Rs.100Coupons

Roaming Pack

5328 DaysIncoming FREE - Both in Home & Roaming Location & Outgoing Local & STD @ 40p /min - Both in Home & Roaming LocationCoupons

SMS Pack

3928 Days500 SMS(Local + National) FREECoupons

Sonar Bangla ILD Pack

3628 DaysBangladesh calls @ Re 1.99/minCoupons

Special Tariff Recharge

81 DayLocal & STD Mobile Calls @ 1.2p/2s for 1 day.Coupons
163 DaysLocal Reliance Voice calls at 10p/min and other Local and STD voice calls at 30p/minCoupons
3215 DaysAll Local Calls@1.2P/2SCoupons
417 Days100 MB 3G Data for 7 daysCoupons
4921 DaysRs. 49 Promo TalktimeCoupons
12428 Days550 MB 3G Data for 28 daysCoupons
24930 DaysPromo Talktime of Rs.249 for 30 daysCoupons
34930 DaysPromo Talktime of Rs.349 for 30 daysCoupons

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Useful Numbers & Codes

  • Main Balance - *367#
  • Customer Care - 198 (Toll Free)
  • Data Balance - *111*1*3#
  • My Store (Offers) - *129#
  • Check own number - *1#
  • Deactivate VAS - SMS STOP to 155223
  • Add More