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PlansInfo.com provides you the latest plans of Uninor/Telenor.We update these plans almost daily .This plan of Uninor/Telenor for Bihar & Jharkhand was last updated on Thursday, 8 October 2015.This page contains the full information about recharge offers,SMS packs ,internet recharge,tariff vouchers,full talk time plan of Uninor/Telenor for Bihar & Jharkhand zone.

Extra Talktime packs

6063LifetimeTalktime of Rs 63.00
110118LifetimeTalktime of Rs 118.00
130143LifetimeTalktime of Rs 143.00
300330LifetimeTalktime of Rs 330.00
500545LifetimeTalktime of Rs 545.00
10001200LifetimeTalktime of Rs 1200.00

Full Taltime packs

3030LifetimeTalktime of Rs 30.00
4040LifetimeTalktime of Rs 40.00


501 Day30 MB Data
902 Days60 MB Data
1403 Days200 MB Data
16028 Days10 MB DATA along with Whatsapp Free
19028 Days10 MB DATA along with Facebook Free
2307 Days350 MB Data
39028 DaysUnlimited Facebook + WhatsApp + 250 MB Data
47021 Days500 MB Data
59028 Days600 MB DATA + Facebook + Whatsapp Free
89015 Days1024 MB Data
98028 Days1024 MB Data
119056 Days1200 MB DATA + Facebook + Whatsapp
159028 Days2 GB Data


462628 DaysRs. 26 Talktime and US_Canada, Canada Fixed, Canada, USA Fixed, Alaska, Dominica, Puerto Rico Fixed, USA = @2p/sec;United Kingdom Fixed, United Kingdom = @3p/sec;Malaysia Mobile = @4p/sec;Hong Kong Fi


803 DaysAll Local calls @25p/Min
11028 DaysAll Local calls @ 1.2p/2 sec
13028 DaysLocal Telenor to Telenor calls @8p/min
22060 DaysAll Local calls @1.2p/2 sec
24014 DaysAll local calls @ 25p/min
29028 DaysLocal Telenor to Telenor calls @3p/min
32028 DaysAll local calls @25p/min
35014 Days4800 Local seconds
36045 DaysAll Local calls @1p/2 sec
38028 Days15,000 Local Telenor to Telenor Seconds
48028 Days33,000 Local Telenor to Telenor Seconds
55021 Days9600 Local seconds
58060 DaysAll Local calls @ 1p/2 sec
67090 DaysAll Local calls @25p/min
68028 Days66,000 Local Telenor to Telenor Seconds
79090 DaysAll Local calls @1p/2Sec
82030 Days60000 Local Telenor to Telenor seconds and 6000 Local Telenor to others seconds post that All Local Telenor to Telenor and Telenor to others calls @ 1p/sec
96028 Days15,000 Local Telenor to others Secs + 30,000 Local Telenor to Telenor Secs and All Local +STD at 1.2p/sec
552030 Days360000 Telenor to Telenor Sec and 126000 Telenor to others Sec

Regular Talktime packs

107.77LifeTimeTalktime of Rs 7.77
2015.54LifetimeTalktime of Rs 15.54
5048LifetimeTalktime of Rs 48.00
10098LifetimeTalktime of Rs 98.00
150148LifetimeTalktime of Rs 148.00
200198LifetimeTalktime of Rs 198.00


43028 DaysUnlimited free incoming while roaming in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra & Goa (Excluding Mumbai), UP East and UP West
610180 DaysPer second voice tariff in home circle, Outgoing Local Calls @1.6P/Sec and STD Calls @2.2P/Sec & Local SMS @Rs 1/SMS & national SMS @Rs 1.5/SMS & International SMS @Rs5/SMS.Roaming outgoing Local calls @80P/min and STD calls @1.15P/min; Roaming Incoming calls @45P/min;SMS outgoing Local @25P/SMS and STD @38P/SMS and GPRS 20P/20KB
93030 DaysInternational roaming To Activate,Dial *222*7*93#
11990180 DaysUnlimited Free incoming and Outgoing Local Calls @80P/Min & STD Calls @1.15P/Min & Local SMS @25P/SMS & STD SMS @38P/SMS & International SMS @Rs5/SMS and GPRS 20P/20KB


4015 DaysAll Local & STD SMS @ 20p/SMS
17028 DaysAll Local & STD SMS @ 10p/SMS
27028 Days400 Local/National SMS + Local/National SMS > 400 in a day @ 5p/SMS
34028 Days500 Local & 100 National SMS free after that 5p/SMS
44028 DaysFree 50 Local/National SMS everyday after that 5p/SMS
57028 Days100 Local SMS per day


7028 DaysAll STD Calls @30P/Min
21014 Days45 STD minutes
41028 Days90 STD minutes

Talktime Combo packs

1511.667 DaysTalktime of Rs 11.66
2519.937 DaysTalktime of Rs 19.93
4536.478 Days
75787 DaysTalktime of Rs 78.00
2222457 DaysTalktime of Rs 245.00

Combo packs

26590 DaysTalktime Rs.5 & All STD Calls @ 30p/min
33014 DaysAll STD calls @ 30p/min & All local calls @ 25p/min
42028 DaysAll STD calls @ 30p/min & All local calls @ 25p/min
81028 Days14,000 Local/STD secs
97090 DaysAll Local Calls @25P/Min and All STD calls @30P/Min
198028 Days120000 sec Local Telenor to Telenor & 36000 sec Local Telenor to others post that All Local/STD calls @1.2p/sec
221028 Days36,000 Local Telenor to others/All STD Seconds
229028 DaysUnlimited Local Telenor to Telenor & 700 Min Local Telenor to others calls free & 1 GB Data & FB/WA Free
253028 Days51000 sec All India calls and All Local/STD calls @1.2p/sec
551090 Days120,000 sec Local Telenor to Telenor & 36,000 sec Local Telenor to others per month ;All Local & STD calls @1.2p/sec
599090 Days120,000 sec Local Telenor to Telenor & 42,000 sec Local Telenor to others + 500MB data per month;All Local & STD calls @1.2p/sec
786090 Days60,000 local + STD seconds + 200 MB data, every month. Tariff of 1.2p/sec

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