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You are here : Home > Prepaid > Telenor > Maharashtra & Goa provides you the latest plans of Telenor.We update these plans almost daily .This plan of Telenor for Maharashtra & Goa was last updated on Thursday, 25 August 2016.This page contains the full information about recharge offers,SMS packs ,internet recharge,tariff vouchers,full talk time plan of Telenor for Maharashtra & Goa zone.

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60UnlimitedRs. 60 TalktimeRecharge
128UnlimitedRs. 150 TalktimeRecharge
168UnlimitedRs. 200 TalktimeRecharge
358UnlimitedRs.430 TalktimeRecharge
518UnlimitedRs. 628 TalktimeRecharge


121 Day100 MB 4G Data Coupons
14728 DaysAll Local/STD calls@25p/m + 1.5 GB 4G Data(Data Pack @4p/20KB in Telenor home & Telenor roaming) for 28 days). Coupons
24728 DaysAll local/STD calls@25p/m + 3 GB 4G Data(Data Pack @4p/20KB in Telenor home & Telenor roaming) for 28 days)Coupons

Combo Vouchers

252 Days19.24 Talktime of Rs 19.24(5 Local Telenor to Telenor night mins for 2 days)Coupons
40LifetimeTalktime of Rs 40(Subs <= 90 days AON) ;Talktime of Rs 31.78(Subs > 90 days AON)+5 Local Telenor Night MinCoupons
752 Days62.22 Talktime of Rs 62.22 (5 Local Telenor to Telenor night mins for 2 days)Coupons
7862 Days900 Talktime of Rs 900 for Lifetime +10 Night Local Telenor to Telenor MinsCoupons


22 Days50 MB(11pm to 7am) Coupons
51 Day20 MB DataCoupons
92 Days35 MB DataCoupons
143 Days150 MB DataCoupons
247 Days250 MB DataCoupons
2828 Days500 MB(11pm to 7am) Coupons
4228 Days250 MB Data Coupons
4721 Days450 MB DataCoupons
6228 Days 600 MB Data Coupons
8421 Days800 MB Data Coupons
11528 Days1.5 GB DataCoupons


2328 DaysCanada (Excluding Premium & Spl.),Malaysia (Fixed),France (Fixed),Hungary (Fixed),Italy (Fixed),Sweden (Fixed),Ireland (Fixed),Romania(Fixed)=@1p/sec;Singapore,Uk(Fixed)=@1.5p/sec;USA=@2p/sec;China=@2.2p/sec;Bangladesh=@3p/sec;Pakistan,Kuwait,Nepal All=@10p/sec;Saudi Arabia (Fixed)=@12p/sec;UAE=@15p/secCoupons


87 Days100 min Local Telenor to TelenorCoupons
1128 DaysLocal Telenor to Telenor Calls @15p/Min and Local Telenor to Others Calls @25p/Min Coupons
1210 Days1200 Local secsCoupons
2628 DaysAll Local calls @1.2p/2secCoupons
3314 Days3,500 All Local secsCoupons
3814 Days25,000 Local Telenor to Telenor secondsCoupons
4821 Days50,000 Local Telenor to Telenor secCoupons
5521 Days7,500 All Local Seconds FREE (Mum, MH & Goa)Coupons
5828 Days75,000 Local Telenor to Telenor SecCoupons
6928 Days60,000 Seconds Local Telenor to Telenor + 6000 Seconds for All India Coupons
8828 DaysUnlimited Local Telenor to Telenor Calls FREECoupons
9814 Days18,000 All Local SecondsCoupons
9928 Days6,000 Local Telenor to Telenor Seconds & 12,000 Other Local Seconds Free (MH & Goa)Coupons
12328 Days18,000 All India Seconds + 105,000 Local Telenor to Telenor secondsCoupons
15790 DaysUnlimited Local Telenor to Telenor callsCoupons
19828 Days30,000 Local Telenor to others Seconds & Telenor to Telenor freeCoupons
19928 Days39,000 All Local SecondsCoupons
24928 Days51,000 Local Telenor to others Seconds & Unlimited Telenor to Telenor callsCoupons
55190 Days120000 Local Telenor to Telenor secs+39000 Local Telenor to others secs per monthCoupons
55521 DaysUnlimited Local callsCoupons


3730 DaysUnlimited free incoming while roaming in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, UP East and UP WestCoupons
61180 DaysPer second voice tariff in home circle, Outgoing Local Calls @1.6P/Sec and STD Calls @2.2P/Sec & Local SMS @Rs 1/SMS & national SMS @Rs 1.5/SMS & International SMS @Rs5/SMS.Roaming outgoing Local calls @80P/min and STD calls @1.15P/min; Roaming Incoming calls @45P/min;SMS outgoing Local @25P/SMS and STD @38P/SMS and GPRS 20P/20KBCoupons
1199180 DaysUnlimited Free incoming and Outgoing Local Calls @80P/Min & STD Calls @1.15P/Min & Local SMS @25P/SMS & STD SMS @38P/SMS & International SMS @Rs5/SMS and GPRS 20P/20KB Coupons


2914 Days1000 All India SMSCoupons
5928 Days2800 All India SMSCoupons


1728 Days1700 Local and STD seconds FreeCoupons
217 Days45 min STD calls Coupons
3628 DaysAll Local /STD calls @1.2p/2secCoupons
4114 Days90 min STD calls Coupons
7314 Days11,000 All India secondsCoupons
9621 Days15,000 All India seconds Coupons
25328 Days42,000 All India seconds Coupons


10LifeTime7.7 Talktime of Rs 7.70Coupons
20LifeTime15.39 Talktime of Rs 15.39 Coupons
30LifeTime23.09 Talktime of Rs 23.09Coupons
50Lifetime40.48 Talktime of Rs 40.48Coupons
60Lifetime49.17 Talktime of Rs 49.17Coupons
70Lifetime70 Talktime of Rs.70.00Coupons
80Lifetime66.57 Talktime of Rs 66.57Coupons
100Lifetime100 Talktime of Rs 100.00Coupons
110Lifetime115 Talktime of Rs 115.00Coupons
150Lifetime160 Talktime of Rs 160.00Coupons
20090 Days170.91 Rs.170.91Coupons
22090 Days188.3 Rs.188.3Coupons
300Lifetime325 Talktime of Rs 325.00Coupons
500Lifetime545 Talktime of Rs 545.00Coupons
100090 Days866.57 Rs.866.57Coupons

Value Packs

62 DaysLocal Telenor to Telenor at 0p/minCoupons
1528 DaysLocal/STD Telenor to Telenor Calls @15p/Min Coupons
1928 DaysAll Local & STD calls @25p/min & Telenor to Telenor STD calls @15p/min in telenor home/Roaming within Telenor NetworkCoupons
2728 DaysAll Local Call @25P/Min+STD Telenor to Telenor @15P/Min +STD Telenor to Other @25P/Min+Free Incoming call/SMS and Local SMS @25P/SMS and STD SMS @38P/SMS while roaming in UPE,UPW,GUJ,AP& BiharCoupons
14928 Days18,000 Local + STD Secs & unlimited Telenor to Telenor callsCoupons

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