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PlansInfo.com provides you the latest plans of Vodafone.We update these plans almost daily .This plan of Vodafone for Karnataka was last updated on Saturday, 21 March 2015.This page contains the full information about recharge offers,SMS packs ,internet recharge,tariff vouchers,full talk time plan of Vodafone for Karnataka zone.

Special Tariff Vouchers

701 DaysUnlimited Local Vodafone Calls (12 Midnight-6am)
15028 Days
17028 DaysLocal Vodafone to Vodafone Calls @ 25p/min. 1st 2 min/day @Re1/min
18028 DaysLocal Mobile calls at 1p/sec
21028 DaysLocal & STD Mobile calls @40p/min. 1st 2min/day @Re1/min
22028 DaysLocal Mobile calls @ 35p/min.1st 2min/day @Re1/min
26028 DaysLocal Mobile Calls @30p/min. 1st 2min/day @Re1/min
27030 DaysSTD MobileCalls @ 40p/min
31028 DaysLocal Mobile calls at 1.2p/2s. 1st 2 min/day at 2p/s
33028 DaysLocal mobile Calls at 40p/min
35028 DaysLocal & STD Mobile Calls @1.6p/2sec. 1st 60 secs/day @ 2p/sec
41028 DaysLocal Vodafone to Vodafone Calls @ 15p/min. 1st 2min/day @Re1/min
43028 DaysLocal Mobile calls at 1p/2s. 1st 2 min/day at 2p/s
43028 DaysLocal Mobile Calls @ 1p/2sec. 1st 120 secs/day @ 2p/sec
49028 DaysLocal & STD Mobile calls @40p/min.
51028 Days
64028 DaysLocal Mobile calls at 1.2p/2s
79028 DaysLocal Mobile Calls @ 1p/2sec
79028 DaysLocal Mobile calls at 1p/2s.
89030 Daysto VF @ 15p/min
106030 DaysCalls to Bangladesh at Rs. 1.99/min on Home & Roam Network on Vodafone Network
129030 DaysUnlimited Blackberry Messenger for 1 month

Internet Packs

801 Days30 MB 3G data valid for 1 day
901 Days45 MB 2G Data valid for 1 day
1602 Days80 MB of 2G data usage Free.Valid for 2 days
2804 Days150 MB of 2G data usage Free.Valid for 4 days
2903 Days120MB 3G Data for 3 days
4507 DaysGet 175 MB 3G Data! For 7 days
4607 Days230 MB of 2G data usage free. Valid for 7 days
5408 Days270 MB of 2G data usage free. Valid for 8 days
58010 Days300MB 2G Data for 10 days only through Paper Recharge
5808 Days300MB 2G Data for 8 days
78011 Days400MB 2G data for 11 days
95014 Days475 MB of 2G data usage Free.Valid for 14 days
101030 DaysGet 300 MB 3G Data! For 30 days
125018 Days550 MB of 2G data usage Free.Valid for 18 days
147030 Days500 MB of 3G Data for 30 days
154028 Days550MB 2G Data for 28 days
155021 Days750MB of 2G data usage Free.Valid for 21 days
179028 Days1GB of 2G data usage Free.Valid for 28 days
199028 Days1.25 GB Unlimited of 2G data usage Free.Valid for 28 days (Max speed capped to 40kbps post 1.25GB)

SMS Packs

19015 Days210 Local+National SMS
23030 Days260 Local+National SMS
52060 Days580 Local+National SMS

Talktime Plans

107.9NATalktime of Rs.7.9
2015.8NATalktime of Rs.15.8
3023.7NATalktime of Rs.23.7
5041.5NATalktime of Rs.41.5
6050.4NATalktime between 50.4 to 100
8068.2NATalktime Recharge
10086NATalktime Recharge
120104.8NATalktime Recharge
150130.5NATalktime Recharge
180158.2NATalktime Recharge
200178NATalktime of Rs.178
250250NATalktime of Rs.250
300300NATalktime of Rs.300
400400NATalktime of Rs.400
500525NATalktime of Rs.525
750750NATalktime of Rs.750
10001100NATalktime of Rs.1100

Roaming Packs

4207 DaysAll Incoming calls on Vodafone Roaming are free. Outgoing (Local+STD)@1.5p/sec . Talktime of Rs.7
77030 DaysAll incoming calls on Vodafone roaming are free. Outgoing (local+STD) 1.5p/sec for 30 days
128030 DaysCalls to Bangladesh at 4p/s & National Roaming Incoming Free

ISD Packs

24030 DaysISD Calls to Saudi,UAE,Bahrain,Kuwait, UK-Mob@12p/sec,US&Canada@4p/sec

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