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PlansInfo.com provides you the latest plans of Vodafone.We update these plans almost daily .This plan of Vodafone for Mumbai was last updated on Sunday, 7 February 2016.This page contains the full information about recharge offers,SMS packs ,internet recharge,tariff vouchers,full talk time plan of Vodafone for Mumbai zone.

Special Tariff Vouchers

701 DaysGet Double Validity on selected 121 offers
16014 Days25 STD minutes
19028 Days
21084 Days
22028 Days450 mins of Local Vodafone to Vodafone from 11pm to 8am.
23084 Days
34028 DaysLocal mobile to mobile calls @50p/min
37028 DaysSTD Mobile to mobile calls @ 45p/min
3907 Days100 Vodafone minutes
48028 DaysSTD Mobile to mobile calls @ 40p/min
49028 DaysLocal mobile to mobile calls @45p/min
51028 DaysLocal Mobile calls at 40p/min. First 60 sec of local mobile calls of the day chargeable @1.5P/sec
5507 Days90 STD minutes, valid for 7 days
610180 Days
64028 DaysLocal Mobile Vodafone to Vodafone calls @30P/min for 28 days
67028 DaysLocal calls at 40p/min
71028 DaysLocal@ 45p/min & STD Calls @ 40p/min
7907 Days250 Vodafone local mins!
810180 Days
830180 Days
89030 Days1000 local & national sms free
101056 DaysLocal mobile calls at 45p/min
115015 Days200 Local & STD minutes
139030 Days1500 local & national sms free
2990NABIS Lite
348028 Days1.2 GB @3Gspeed. Post 1.2 GB you will be charged 4p/10kb
397028 Days1.5 GB @3Gspeed. Post 1.5 GB you will be charged 4p/10kb
399030 DaysGet Blackberry Unlimited!!
451028 Days1.75 GB @3Gspeed. Post 1.75 GB you will be charged 4p/10kb
497028 Days2 GB @3Gspeed. Post 2 GB you will be charged 4p/10kb
852056 Days3GB @3Gspeed. Post 3GB you will be charged 4p/10kb
897028 Days4GB Unlimited @3Gspeed. Post 4GB your speed will be reduced up to 64kbps.
1097028 Days5GB Unlimited @3Gspeed. Post 5GB your speed will be reduced up to 64kbps.
1247028 Days6GB Unlimited @3Gspeed. Post 6GB your speed will be reduced up to 64kbps.
1253056 Days5GB @3Gspeed. Post 5GB you will be charged 4p/10kb
1847028 Days10 GB @3Gspeed. Post 10 GB you will be charged 4p/10kb

SMS Packs

35030 Days350 Local SMS
66030 Days600 Local & National SMS

Talktime Plans

107.73NATalktime of Rs. 7.73
2015.47NATalktime of Rs.15.47
3023.2NATalktime of Rs.23.2
4536.31 DaysTalktime of Rs.36.3
4738.051 DaysTalktime of Rs.38.05
4838.921 DaysTalktime of Rs.38.92
5040.67NATalktime of Rs.40.67
5444.161 DaysTalktime of Rs.44.16
6049.4NATalktime of Rs.49.4
6553.771 DaysTalktime of Rs.53.77
7058.14NATalktime of Rs.58.14
7401 DaysTalktime of Rs.0
7562.51 DaysTalktime of Rs.62.5
8066.87NATalktime of Rs.66.87
8672.111 DaysTalktime of Rs.72.11
9075.6NATalktime of Rs.75.6
9579.971 DaysTalktime of Rs.79.97
10084.34NATalktime of Rs.84.34
10386.961 DaysTalktime of Rs.86.96
10790.451 DaysTalktime of Rs.90.45
11395.691 DaysTalktime of Rs.95.69
11496.561 DaysTalktime of Rs.96.56
121102.681 DaysTalktime of Rs.102.68
122103.551 DaysTalktime of Rs.103.55
123104.421 DaysTalktime of Rs.104.42
124105.31 DaysTalktime of Rs.105.3
130110.54NATalktime of Rs.110.54
140119.27NATalktime of Rs.119.27
150128NATalktime of Rs.128
153130.62NATalktime of Rs.130.62
154131.51 DaysTalktime of Rs.131.5
154131.5NATalktime of Rs. 131.50
160136.74NATalktime of Rs.136.74
190162.94NATalktime of Rs.162.94
200171.67NATalktime of Rs.171.67
204204NATalktime of Rs. 204
250250NATalktime of Rs.250
350350NATalktime of Rs.350
500500NATalktime of Rs.500
550550NATalktime of Rs.550
55501 DaysTalktime of Rs.0
7000NARs 725 more than full Talktime
750750NATalktime of Rs.750
10001000NATalktime of Rs.1000
11501200NATalktime of Rs.1200
36003700NATalktime of Rs.3700
59006000NATalktime of Rs.6000

Combo Packs

1111051 DaysRs. 105 Talktime & 2 Local SMS
2222221 DaysRs. 222 Talktime & 2 Local SMS
502030 Days500 MB @3G speed. Post 500 MB you will be charged 4p/10kb, 500 local+STD Mins & 500 Local & National SMS
6256501 DaysRs. 650 Talktime & 2 Local SMS
7777771 DaysRs. 777 Talktime & 2 Local SMS
7868251 DaysRs. 825 Talktime & 2 Local SMS
1002030 Days1000 MB @3G speed. Post 1000 MB you will be charged 4p/10kb, 1000 local+STD Mins & 1000 Local & National SMS

Roaming Packs

620180 DaysAll local & STD mobile calls @ 1.2p/sec. Landline @ 2.5p/sec.Roaming Outgoing Local calls@ 1.3p/sec & Std calls@1.6p/sec.Incoming calls @ 0.75p/sec in india

ISD Packs

77030 DaysAll Incoming Calls FREE & Outgoing calls Local@80p/min & STD at Rs.1.15/min.local sms@25p & std sms@38p. ISD at standard rates(Applicable only on Vodafone network)

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