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Tata Docomo Prepaid Bihar & Jharkhand Tariff Plans, Internet Recharge, SMS Packs

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These plans of Tata Docomo for Bihar & Jharkhand were last updated on Monday, 9 October 2017.

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Data Plans

₹149028 Days1 GB 2G DataOffers
₹5020365 Days1 GB 2G dataOffers


₹37028 DaysAll Local and STD Mob calls at 35p/min, 100MB data for 28days, TT-25, ICR Tariff -1p/secOffers

Talktime Plans

₹107.48LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 7.48Offers
₹2014.94LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 14.94Offers
₹3022.42LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 22.42Offers
₹4030.9LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 30.90Offers
₹5039.37LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 39.37Offers
₹6047.85LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 47.85Offers
₹7056.32LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 56.32Offers
₹8064.8LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 64.80Offers
₹9073.27LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 73.27Offers
₹10081.75LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 81.75Offers
₹11090.22LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 90.22Offers
₹12098.69LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 98.69Offers
₹130107.17LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 107.17Offers
₹140115.64LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 115.64Offers
₹150124.12LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 124.12Offers
₹160132.59LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 132.59Offers
₹170141.07LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 141.07Offers
₹180149.54LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 149.54Offers
₹190158.02LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 158.02Offers
₹200166.49LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 166.49Offers
₹250208.86LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 208.86Offers
₹300251.24LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 251.24Offers
₹350293.61LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 293.61Offers
₹400335.98LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 335.98Offers
₹450378.36LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 378.36Offers
₹500420.73LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 420.73Offers
₹550463.1LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 463.10Offers
₹600505.47LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 505.47Offers
₹650547.85LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 547.85Offers
₹700590.22LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 590.22Offers
₹750632.59LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 632.59Offers
₹800674.97LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 674.97Offers
₹850717.34LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 717.34Offers
₹900759.71LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 759.71Offers
₹950802.08LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 802.08Offers
₹1000844.46LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 844.46Offers
₹1100929.2LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 929.20Offers
₹12001013.95LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 1013.95Offers
₹13001098.69LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 1098.69Offers
₹14001183.44LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 1183.44Offers
₹15001268.19LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 1268.19Offers
₹16001352.93LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 1352.93Offers
₹17001437.68LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 1437.68Offers
₹18001522.42LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 1522.42Offers
₹19001607.17LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 1607.17Offers
₹20001691.92LifetimeTalktime: Rs. 1691.92Offers

Terms & Conditions

  1. 300 minutes per day, 1200 minutes per week is free in Unlimited calling packs.

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