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Tata Sky FTA Promo Pack Pack Price and Channel List

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This pack is no longer available, kindly visit here for all active packs.

Pack Price : ₹0.00/month (including all taxes)

Network Capacity Fee: ₹247.8/month

Total: ₹248/month

Last updated : Friday, 8 February 2019

Channel List

Search a Channel in this package.

Hindi Entertainment

  • Anjan TV
    Anjan TV
  • Dabangg
  • DD India
    DD India
  • DD National
    DD National

Hindi Movies

  • B4U Movies
    B4U Movies
  • Bflix Movies
    Bflix Movies
  • Cinema TV
    Cinema TV
  • Enterr10 Movies
    Enterr10 Movies
  • Maha Movie
    Maha Movie
  • Manoranjan Movies
    Manoranjan Movies
  • WOW Cinema
    WOW Cinema


  • B4U Music
    B4U Music
  • Mastiii
  • Music India
    Music India


  • DD Sports
    DD Sports


  • DD Gyan Darshan
    DD Gyan Darshan
  • DD Kisan
    DD Kisan


  • Aastha
  • Aastha Bhajan
    Aastha Bhajan
  • Bhakthi Tv
    Bhakthi Tv
  • Disha TV
    Disha TV
  • God TV
    God TV
  • Ishwar TV
    Ishwar TV
  • Jai Paras
    Jai Paras
  • Jinvani
  • Madha TV
    Madha TV
  • Paras TV
    Paras TV
  • Peace Of Mind
    Peace Of Mind
  • Sadhna
  • Sadhna Plus
    Sadhna Plus
  • Sanskar
  • Satsang
  • Shubh Tv
    Shubh Tv
  • SVBC

Life Style

  • Gemporia
  • Shop CJ
    Shop CJ

Hindi News

  • ABP News
    ABP News
  • Bansal News
    Bansal News
  • Bharat Samachar
    Bharat Samachar
  • DD Lok Sabha
    DD Lok Sabha
  • DD News
    DD News
  • DD Rajya Sabha
    DD Rajya Sabha
  • E24
  • Hindi Khabar
    Hindi Khabar
  • HNN 24x7
    HNN 24x7
  • India News
    India News
  • India News Haryana
    India News Haryana
  • India TV
    India TV
  • Janta Tv
    Janta Tv
  • news 11
    news 11
  • News 24
    News 24
  • News Live
    News Live
  • News Nation
    News Nation
  • News World India
    News World India
  • News1 India
    News1 India
  • Prime News
    Prime News
  • Samachar Plus
    Samachar Plus
  • Sudarshan News
    Sudarshan News
  • Swaraj Express SMBC
    Swaraj Express SMBC
  • Total TV
    Total TV


  • ABP Ananda
    ABP Ananda
  • DD Bangla
    DD Bangla

English News

  • BTVI
  • CVR English
    CVR English
  • News 9
    News 9
  • News X
    News X
  • Russia Today
    Russia Today


  • ABP Asmita
    ABP Asmita
  • Dd Girnar
    Dd Girnar
  • Sandesh News
    Sandesh News
  • VTV News
    VTV News


  • DD Chandana
    DD Chandana
  • Dighvijay News
    Dighvijay News
  • Public Music
    Public Music
  • TV9 Kannada
    TV9 Kannada


  • Amrita TV
    Amrita TV
  • Asianet News
    Asianet News
  • DD Malayalam
    DD Malayalam
  • Harvest TV
    Harvest TV
  • Manorama News
    Manorama News
  • Mazhavil Manorama
    Mazhavil Manorama

North East

  • DD Manipur
    DD Manipur
  • DD Mizoram
    DD Mizoram
  • DY 365
    DY 365
  • Indradhanu


  • PTC Punjabi
    PTC Punjabi


  • 10 TV
    10 TV
  • Aradana Tv
    Aradana Tv
  • CVR Health
    CVR Health
  • CVR News
    CVR News
  • CVR Spiritual OM
    CVR Spiritual OM
  • DD Saptagiri
    DD Saptagiri
  • DD Yadagiri
    DD Yadagiri
  • HMTV
  • I-News
  • Naaptol Telugu
    Naaptol Telugu
  • Subhavaartha TV
    Subhavaartha TV
  • T News
    T News
  • V6 Telugu
    V6 Telugu
  • Vanitha


  • Captain News
    Captain News
  • Cauvery News
    Cauvery News
  • DD Podhigai
    DD Podhigai
  • Nambikkai TV
    Nambikkai TV
  • News 7 Tamil
    News 7 Tamil
  • Puthiya Thalaimurai
    Puthiya Thalaimurai
  • Sai TV
    Sai TV
  • Sathiyam
  • Thanthi Tv
    Thanthi Tv
  • Vasanth TV
    Vasanth TV
  • Vendhar TV
    Vendhar TV
  • Win TV
    Win TV


  • ABP Majha
    ABP Majha
  • DD Sahyadri
    DD Sahyadri
  • Fakt Marathi
    Fakt Marathi
  • Jai Maharashtra
    Jai Maharashtra
  • Maiboli
  • Rang TV
    Rang TV
  • Saam TV
    Saam TV
  • Tv9 Marathi
    Tv9 Marathi


  • DD Urdu
    DD Urdu


  • DD Kashir
    DD Kashir


  • DD Odia
    DD Odia
  • Kalinga Tv
    Kalinga Tv
  • Kanak News
    Kanak News
  • MBC TV
    MBC TV
  • News World Odisha
    News World Odisha
  • Prameya News7
    Prameya News7

North Indian

  • Bhojpuri Cinema
    Bhojpuri Cinema
  • Dangal
  • DD Bihar
    DD Bihar
  • DD Madhya Pradesh
    DD Madhya Pradesh
  • DD Punjabi
    DD Punjabi
  • DD Rajasthan
    DD Rajasthan
  • DD Uttar Pradesh
    DD Uttar Pradesh
  • IBC 24
    IBC 24
  • India News Punjab
    India News Punjab
  • India News Rajasthan
    India News Rajasthan
  • India voice
    India voice
  • Oscar Bhojpuri Movies
    Oscar Bhojpuri Movies
  • Patrika Tv Rajasthan
    Patrika Tv Rajasthan


  • A1 TV
    A1 TV
  • APN
  • Ayush TV
    Ayush TV
  • Channel News Asia
    Channel News Asia
  • DD Bharti
    DD Bharti
  • DD NE
    DD NE
  • Dishum
  • First India Rajasthan
    First India Rajasthan
  • Gujarat Samachar TV
    Gujarat Samachar TV
  • Hindu Dharmam
    Hindu Dharmam
  • Home Shop TV18
    Home Shop TV18
  • India Ahead
    India Ahead
  • India News Gujarat
    India News Gujarat
  • India News MP CH
    India News MP CH
  • India News UP UK
    India News UP UK
  • INH 24X7
    INH 24X7
  • Khabarain Abhi Tak
    Khabarain Abhi Tak
  • Malaimurasu Seithigal
    Malaimurasu Seithigal
  • MH One News
    MH One News
  • MH One Shraddha
    MH One Shraddha
  • MKN
  • Multiplex
  • Naxatra News
    Naxatra News
  • News India
    News India
  • News State MP CG
    News State MP CG
  • News State UP UK
    News State UP UK
  • NewsX Kannada
    NewsX Kannada
  • NHK World TV
    NHK World TV
  • NT 4
    NT 4
  • NT 5
    NT 5
  • NT1
  • OK India
    OK India
  • Pitaara
  • Prag
  • Protidin Time
    Protidin Time
  • R Bharat
    R Bharat
  • R News
    R News
  • S News
    S News
  • Sarthi TV
    Sarthi TV
  • Sky Star
    Sky Star
  • Sun Bangla
    Sun Bangla
  • Surya Bhakti
    Surya Bhakti
  • Surya Cinema
    Surya Cinema
  • Surya Samachar
    Surya Samachar
  • SVBC 2
    SVBC 2
  • Swara Sagar
    Swara Sagar
  • Swaraj Express
    Swaraj Express
  • Tata Sky Bhojpuri Sanima
    Tata Sky Bhojpuri Sanima
  • Tata Sky Darshan
    Tata Sky Darshan
  • Tata Sky Family Health
    Tata Sky Family Health
  • Tata Sky Kids cinema
    Tata Sky Kids cinema
  • Tata Sky Show Bizz
    Tata Sky Show Bizz
  • TV 24
    TV 24
  • TV5 Kannada
    TV5 Kannada
  • TV5 Monde Asie
    TV5 Monde Asie
  • Vedic
  • Wow Music
    Wow Music

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