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These plans of Airtel for Jammu & Kashmir was last updated on Tuesday, 21 February 2017.

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2G Data Recharge

₹416 DaysMRP 41=235 MB 2G Data Val 6Days Recharge
₹72Val-2Days1GB 2G Recharge
₹7310 Days415MB 2G Recharge
₹9621 Days320MB 2G Recharge
₹12421 Days415MB 2G Recharge
₹15421 Days515MB 2G Recharge
₹17328 Days200MB 2G Recharge
₹19928 Days1.25GB 2G Recharge
₹24528 Days2GB 2G + Unlimited @40KBPS (till 2GB 40 KBPS then 10KBPS) Recharge
₹29756 Days2GB 2G Recharge

3G Data Recharge

₹1828 Days45MB 3G Recharge
₹24Unlimited35MB ( 2G/3G/4G ), Base Tariff 2p/Local / STD mobile and LL 2.5p/s. For ISD Tariff refer ISD call rates Recharge
₹445 DaysBenefit ; 175MB 3G Data Val 5 Days Recharge
₹531 Night1GB 3G/4G Night Data Recharge
₹71Unlimited105MB ( 2G/3G/4G ), Base Tariff 2p/sec Local / STD mobile and Landline calls @2.5p/sec. For ISD Tariff refer ISD call rates Recharge
₹1025 Days1GB 3G Recharge
₹10328 Days250MB 3G Recharge
₹12114 Days375MB 3G/4G Recharge
₹14528 Days365MB 3G Recharge
₹15328 Days385MB 3G Recharge
₹1553 Days1GB 3G Recharge
₹16521 Days450MB 3G Recharge
₹18628 Days465MB 3G Recharge
₹20628 Days515MB 3G Recharge
₹25828 Days200MB 3G/4G Recharge
₹25928 Days1 GB 3G/4G + Wynk Plus FREE for 28 Days Recharge
₹29528 Days1.2GB to 10GB 3G/4G Recharge
₹29928 Days1GB 3G + All Local + National calls @30p/min Recharge
₹45528 Days3GB 3G Recharge
₹49728 Days3GB 3G/4G + 1 GB @Rs 121 for 6 months Recharge
₹65528 Days5GB 3G + Unlimited FUP Recharge
₹74828 Days3GB 3G, Now for 6 months get 1GB 3G @Rs 96 & 2.5 GB 3G @Rs258 Recharge
₹85528 Days7GB 3G + Unlimited FUP Recharge
₹125528 Days12.5GB 3G + Unlimited FUP Recharge
₹149590 Days15GB for 3G handset & extra 15GB ( total 30GB ) on 4G handsets. Recharge
₹149812 Months10GB 3G/4G.Now for 1 year get 1GB 3G 28d@ just Rs53 , 2GB 3G @ Rs96 , 5GB 3G 28d@ Rs258 . Recharge
₹399528 Days40GB 3G Recharge

Full Talktime Recharge

₹120UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.120 Recharge
₹130UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.130 Recharge
₹150UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.150 Recharge
₹160UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.160 Recharge
₹200UnlimitedTalktime Rs. 200 Recharge
₹210UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.210 Recharge
₹220UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.220 Recharge
₹230UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.230 Recharge
₹250UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.250 Recharge
₹300UnlimitedTalktime Rs. 300 Recharge
₹350UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.350 Recharge
₹500UnlimitedTalktime Rs. 500 Recharge
₹550UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.575 Recharge
₹700UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.786 Recharge
₹1000UnlimitedTalktime Rs. 1050 Recharge
₹2000UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.2100 Recharge

Recharge for New Customers (First Recharge / Second Recharge)

₹190 Days
Local & STD mobile calls @1p/sec, landline calls @2.5p/sec
₹290 Days
40p/min Local & STD mobile calling
₹390 Days
30p/min Local Mobile calling
₹530 Days
25p/min STD calls
₹1190 Days
Local Airtel to Airtel 10p/min
₹1290 Days
Local & STD mobile calls @2p/sec, Landline calls @2.5p/sec
TT 41 & All local & STD Mobile Calls 1.5p/sec & 10 MB 3G Data
₹8190 Daya
Talktime of Rs.57 and tariff of 1.5p/sec
Talktime of Rs.75 & All local & STD Mobile Calls @1.5p/sec & 10MB 3G
₹12390 Daya
Talktime of Rs.93 and tariff of 1p/sec for 30 days then 1.5p/sec
₹14628 Daya
FREE LOCAL & STD (A2A) + 300 MB (4G HS) (50MB NON 4G HS) for 28 days (T&C apply)
Talktime of Rs.20 & All local & STD Mobile Calls @1.5p/sec & 1024MB 3G
₹34628 Daya
All Local & STD calls free + 1 GB3G/4G (4G Handsets) (50MB NON 4G Handsets) T&C apply
₹35130 Days
1.5GB 3G
₹149490 Days
15GB 3G. Unlimited internet on My Airtel App ; only for 4G Handsets. 64Kbps speed post 30GB . Data share & Cash back does not apply

Special Recharge - STV : Combo

₹61 DayLocal calls @30p/min Recharge
₹71 DayLocal Airtel to Airtel calls @10p/min Recharge
₹87 Days30 Local and STD SMS Recharge
₹137 Days50 Local and National SMS Recharge
₹147 DaysAll Local Calls @1p/sec Recharge
₹151 DayTalktime of Rs.15, 5 Local A2A min Recharge
₹177 DaysSTD All calls @30p/min Recharge
₹215 DaysLocal Airtel to Airtel calls @10p/min Recharge
₹2228 DaysLocal Airtel to Airtel Mobile calls @10p/min (day's first 120 sec at 2p/sec) Recharge
₹2328 DaysLocal mobile calls @1p/sec Recharge
₹253 Days60 Local & STD Mobile Minutes Recharge
₹2628 DaysAll Local &STD calls at 30p/min (days first 120 sec at 2p/sec) Recharge
₹2728 DaysUs , Canada@1.99/min, UK , Australia, Newzealand, landline@2.99/min.South east Asia@3.99/min, Gulf/Nepal@6.99/min click here Recharge
₹2828 DaysSTD Mobile calls @25p/min Recharge
₹3128 DaysAll Local + National 1p/sec Recharge
₹3228 DaysUS, Canada 3p/sec, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Netherland landline 5p/sec, Bangladesh 8p/sec, UAE, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait 12p/sec, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hongkong 5p/sec Recharge
₹332 Days249 local Airtel to Airtel min Recharge
₹35UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.32 (unlimited) + 5 Local Airtel to Airtel minutes (2 day) Recharge
₹3656 DaysAll Local calls @1.75p/2sec Recharge
₹3714 Days200 Local and STD SMS Recharge
₹3856 DaysAll STD calls at Re1/3min Recharge
₹4228 Daysall Local Calls @ 30p/min for 28 days Recharge
₹4352 Days1p/sec Local mobile Recharge
₹4528 Daysall Local & STD Calls @ 45p/min for 28 days Recharge
₹4628 DaysAll STD 25p/min(Upto 75min)there after 35p/min Recharge
₹4728 Daysall Local airtel Calls @ 20p/min for 28 days Recharge
₹527 Days95 Local Mobile Mins FOR 7 days Rs. 52 Recharge
₹5528 DaysLocal & STD calls at 30p/min Recharge
₹595 Days389 Local A2A minutes Recharge
₹677 Days389 local A2A min Recharge
₹6928 DaysAll local Airtel to Airtel Calls @10p/min Recharge
₹75New28 Days200 all Local & STD min Recharge
₹7928 Days500 Local + National SMS Recharge
₹9314 DaysLocal 170 Mobile min Recharge
₹9814 Days419 local Airtel to Airtel min Recharge
₹9928 DaysLocal & STD (Airtel to Airtel) @15p/min Recharge
₹12242 DaysLocal Airtel to Airtel calls @15p/min Recharge
₹13514 Days250 All Local & STD min Recharge
₹14928 DaysFree Local + STD Airtel to Airtel mobile calls + 50MB 3G/4G (T&C apply). Get 300MB ; only for 4G Handsets Recharge
₹15921 DaysAll Local + STD 13800 Sec Recharge
₹17928 Days16250 STD Mobile Sec. Recharge
₹19428 DaysAll Local + STD 430 Min Recharge
₹19728 Days1019 local Airtel to Airtel min Recharge
₹20828 Days520 local mobile mins Recharge
₹24828 Days550 STD Mins Recharge
₹25528 DaysTalktime of Rs.255 and All Local and STD Calls at 1p/sec Recharge
₹29828 Days1999 local Airtel to Airtel min Recharge
₹34728 DaysFree All Local + STD calls + 1GB on 4G handsets (50MB for other handsets) T&C apply. Free data worth Rs. 9000 for 12 months only on MyAirtel App. (offer valid for new 4G handsets only) Recharge
₹35528 DaysTalktime of Rs.355 and All Local and STD Calls at 50p/min. Recharge
₹44528 DaysTalktime of Rs.445 and All Local and STD Calls @40p/min. Recharge
₹49828 Days1100 STD Min Recharge
₹54928 DaysFREE Local+STD all mobile & landline calls + 3GB on 4G handset & 1GB for others. T&C apply. Recharge
₹74928 DaysFree Local+National Mobile calls. 2.5GB 3G/4G Data. Additional 1GB for 4G H/S. Recharge
₹199984 DaysUnlimited Local + National calls and 3GB 3G Recharge

Top-up Recharge

₹10UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.9 Recharge
₹20UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.18 Recharge
₹30UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.27 Recharge
₹40Unlimited37 Talktime Recharge
₹50UnlimitedTalktime Rs. 47 Recharge
₹60Unlimited57 Talktime Recharge
₹70UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.67 Recharge
₹80UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.77 Recharge
₹90UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.87 Recharge
₹100UnlimitedTalktime Rs. 97 Recharge
₹110UnlimitedTalktime of Rs.107 Recharge

Voucher Recharge


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Useful Numbers & Codes

  • Main Balance - *123#
  • Airtel Payment Bank - *400#
  • Night Store - *129#
  • APN -
  • 2G Data Balance - *123*10#
  • 3G Data Balance - *123*11#
  • Customer Care - 198 (Toll Free)
  • Check your number - *282#
  • Balance &Validity of Current Plans - *129*08#
  • Data offers - *567#
  • Voice Cashback received last night - *125*323#
  • Voice Cashback balance - *125*324#
  • Voice Cashback received till date - *125*325#
  • Deactivate VAS - SMS STOP to 155223