Refund Policy

For Successful Recharges-

There will be no refund for successful recharges. In case recharge status is showing ‘Success’ but you have not received any benefit you can contact us at

Before recharging your number, please verify offer benefit from your operator. Recharge plans are subject to change by operator without any prior notice so we would not able to initiate any refund in case of 'mentioned benefit not received'.

For Failed Recharges-

You will get 100% refund for failed recharges. We initiate refund within 24 hours but banks may take up to 7 days to credit your money back into your account. Refunds are initiated automatically, you will get an email once refund is initiated.

For Pending Recharges -

If the status of recharge is showing ‘Pending’, please wait for few hours if recharge gets failed you will get your money back.

Cancellation Policy -

Once recharge is requested it cannot be canceled.

If anything goes wrong, please contact us at If money is debited from your bank account and payment status is showing as "Not Received", kindly wait for 2 hours, recharge will be processed automatically.