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Dish TV Joy Kannada Telugu Pack Price and Channel List

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Joy Kannada Telugu pack of Dish TV offers a total of 253 channels. To subscribe Joy Kannada Telugu pack you have to pay ₹252.54/month including GST. Joy Kannada Telugu pack doest offer any HD channel, it is not recommended for HD tv users. This pack is suitable for users who are looking for channels under News or General Entertainment genre. This pack has the most number of channels from the Malayalam language.

Joy Kannada Telugu Pricing

PriceValidityNetwork Capacity Fee
(GST included)
1 MonthApplicableRecharge

Last updated : Monday, 21 September 2020


NEWS (73)
  • 10TV Telugu News
    10TV Telugu News
  • 99TV
  • ABN Andhra Jyothi
    ABN Andhra Jyothi
  • ABP Asmita
    ABP Asmita
  • ABP News
    ABP News
  • Aljazeera
  • Asianet News
    Asianet News
  • CNBC TV18
    CNBC TV18
  • CNN News 18
    CNN News 18
  • DD India
    DD India
  • DD Lok Sabha
    DD Lok Sabha
  • DD News
    DD News
  • DD Rajya Sabha
    DD Rajya Sabha
  • DY 365
    DY 365
  • Digvijay 24x7
    Digvijay 24x7
  • ETV Andhra Pradesh
    ETV Andhra Pradesh
  • Etv Telangana
    Etv Telangana
  • Gulistan News
    Gulistan News
  • HMTV
  • India News
    India News
  • India TV
    India TV
  • JK 24x7 News
    JK 24x7 News
  • Janam Tv
    Janam Tv
  • Kairali News
    Kairali News
  • Kalinga Tv
    Kalinga Tv
  • Kanak News
    Kanak News
  • Malai Murasu
    Malai Murasu
  • Manorama News
    Manorama News
  • Mathrubhumi News
    Mathrubhumi News
  • NTV News
    NTV News
  • Nepal 1
    Nepal 1
  • News 24
    News 24
  • News Live
    News Live
  • News Nation
    News Nation
  • News Time
    News Time
  • News18 Kannada
    News18 Kannada
  • News18 Urdu
    News18 Urdu
  • PTC News
    PTC News
  • Polimer News
    Polimer News
  • Prag TV
    Prag TV
  • Prameya News7
    Prameya News7
  • Pratidin Time
    Pratidin Time
  • Public Tv
    Public Tv
  • Puthiya Thalaimurai
    Puthiya Thalaimurai
  • Republic Bharat
    Republic Bharat
  • Republic Tv
    Republic Tv
  • Russia Today
    Russia Today
  • Saam TV
    Saam TV
  • Sakshi Tv
    Sakshi Tv
  • Sandesh News
    Sandesh News
  • Sathiyam
  • Seithigal
  • Shemaroo TV
    Shemaroo TV
  • Sun News
    Sun News
  • Suvarna News 24X7
    Suvarna News 24X7
  • T News
    T News
  • TV5 Telugu News
    TV5 Telugu News
  • TV9 Bharatvash
    TV9 Bharatvash
  • TV9 Kannada
    TV9 Kannada
  • TV9 Maharashtra
    TV9 Maharashtra
  • TV9 Telugu News
    TV9 Telugu News
  • Thanthi Tv
    Thanthi Tv
  • Tv 9 Gujarati
    Tv 9 Gujarati
  • V6 News
    V6 News
  • VTV Gujarati
    VTV Gujarati
  • Velicham TV
    Velicham TV
  • Vendhar TV
    Vendhar TV
  • Vissa
  • WION
  • ZEE News
    ZEE News
  • Zee Hindustan
    Zee Hindustan
  • bTV News
    bTV News
  • Aakash Aath
    Aakash Aath
  • Adithya TV
    Adithya TV
  • Amrita TV
    Amrita TV
  • Anjan TV
    Anjan TV
  • Captain TV
    Captain TV
  • Chardikla Time TV
    Chardikla Time TV
  • Colors Kannada
    Colors Kannada
  • Colors Super
    Colors Super
  • Colors Tamil
    Colors Tamil
  • DD Arunprabha
    DD Arunprabha
  • DD Bangla
    DD Bangla
  • DD Bharati
    DD Bharati
  • DD Bihar
    DD Bihar
  • DD Chandana
    DD Chandana
  • DD Kashir
    DD Kashir
  • DD Malayalam
    DD Malayalam
  • DD Mp
    DD Mp
  • DD National
    DD National
  • DD North East
    DD North East
  • DD Oriya
    DD Oriya
  • DD Podhigai
    DD Podhigai
  • DD Punjabi
    DD Punjabi
  • DD Rajasthan
    DD Rajasthan
  • DD Sahyadri
    DD Sahyadri
  • DD Saptagiri
    DD Saptagiri
  • DD UP
    DD UP
  • DD Urdu
    DD Urdu
  • DD Yadagiri
    DD Yadagiri
  • Dangal
  • Darshana TV
    Darshana TV
  • Dd Girnar
    Dd Girnar
  • ETV Telugu
    ETV Telugu
  • Etv Plus
    Etv Plus
  • Gemini Comedy
    Gemini Comedy
  • Gemini Life
    Gemini Life
  • Gemini TV
    Gemini TV
  • JaiHind TV
    JaiHind TV
  • Jonack
  • KTV
  • Kairali TV
    Kairali TV
  • Kalaignar
  • Kasturi TV
    Kasturi TV
  • Kaumudy TV
    Kaumudy TV
  • Makkal TV
    Makkal TV
  • Mazhavil Manorama
    Mazhavil Manorama
  • Media One
    Media One
  • OTV
  • PTC Punjabi
    PTC Punjabi
  • Polimer
  • Puthu yugam
    Puthu yugam
  • Rang TV
    Rang TV
  • Rengoni
  • Rupashi Bangla
    Rupashi Bangla
  • Sirippoli TV
    Sirippoli TV
  • Star Maa
    Star Maa
  • Star Maa Gold
    Star Maa Gold
  • Star Suvarna
    Star Suvarna
  • Studio One Plus
    Studio One Plus
  • Sun Bangla
    Sun Bangla
  • Sun Life
    Sun Life
  • Sun Tv
    Sun Tv
  • Surya Comedy
    Surya Comedy
  • Surya Tv
    Surya Tv
  • Udaya
  • Udaya Comedy
    Udaya Comedy
  • Vasanth TV
    Vasanth TV
  • ZEE TV
    ZEE TV
  • Zee Kannada
    Zee Kannada
  • Zee Keralam
    Zee Keralam
  • Zee Salaam
    Zee Salaam
  • Zee Telugu
    Zee Telugu
MUSIC (24)
  • 7S Music
    7S Music
  • 9X Jalwa
    9X Jalwa
  • 9X Jhakaas
    9X Jhakaas
  • 9XM
  • 9x Tashan
    9x Tashan
  • Abzy Cool
    Abzy Cool
  • B4U Music
    B4U Music
  • Dhoom Music
    Dhoom Music
  • Gemini Music
    Gemini Music
  • Isaiyaruvi
  • Kappa TV
    Kappa TV
  • MH1
  • Murasu TV
    Murasu TV
  • PTC Chakde
    PTC Chakde
  • Public Music
    Public Music
  • Raj Music Kannada
    Raj Music Kannada
  • Ramdhenu
  • Sahana TV
    Sahana TV
  • Sangeet Bangla
    Sangeet Bangla
  • Star Maa Music
    Star Maa Music
  • Sun Music
    Sun Music
  • Surya Music
    Surya Music
  • Udaya Music
    Udaya Music
  • ZEE ETC Bollywood
    ZEE ETC Bollywood
  • Aastha
  • Aastha Bhajan
    Aastha Bhajan
  • Aradana Tv
    Aradana Tv
  • Basava TV
    Basava TV
  • Bhakti TV
    Bhakti TV
  • Channel Win
    Channel Win
  • Disha TV
    Disha TV
  • God TV
    God TV
  • Goodness
  • Harvest TV
    Harvest TV
  • Hindu Dharmam
    Hindu Dharmam
  • Madha TV
    Madha TV
  • Nambikkal TV
    Nambikkal TV
  • Peace Of Mind
    Peace Of Mind
  • Powervision
  • SVBC
  • SVBC 2
    SVBC 2
  • Sai TV
    Sai TV
  • Sanskar
  • Satsang
  • Shalom
  • Sri Sankara
    Sri Sankara
  • Subhavartha TV
    Subhavartha TV
  • Abzy Dhakad
    Abzy Dhakad
  • Abzy Movies
    Abzy Movies
  • B4U Bhojpuri
    B4U Bhojpuri
  • B4U Kadak
    B4U Kadak
  • B4U Movies
    B4U Movies
  • Bhojpuri Cinema
    Bhojpuri Cinema
  • Box Cinema
    Box Cinema
  • Colors Kannada Cinema
    Colors Kannada Cinema
  • Enterr10 Movies
    Enterr10 Movies
  • Etv Cinema
    Etv Cinema
  • Fakt Marathi
    Fakt Marathi
  • Gemini Movies
    Gemini Movies
  • Housefull Movies
    Housefull Movies
  • Pitaara TV
    Pitaara TV
  • Public Movies
    Public Movies
  • Star Maa Movies
    Star Maa Movies
  • Star Suvarna Plus
    Star Suvarna Plus
  • Surya Movies
    Surya Movies
  • Udaya Movies
    Udaya Movies
  • Zee Action
    Zee Action
  • Zee Cinemalu
    Zee Cinemalu
  • ABP Ganga
    ABP Ganga
  • DD Gyan Darshan
    DD Gyan Darshan
  • DD Retro
    DD Retro
  • Dangal Kannada
    Dangal Kannada
  • Kite Victers
    Kite Victers
  • Lokshahi
  • Manjari TV
    Manjari TV
  • Nandighosha TV
    Nandighosha TV
  • News 1st
    News 1st
  • PTC Punjabi Gold
    PTC Punjabi Gold
  • PTC Simran
    PTC Simran
  • Panini
  • Power TV
    Power TV
  • Shemaroo Marathibana
    Shemaroo Marathibana
  • Siri Kannada-All Time
    Siri Kannada-All Time
  • Twenty-Four
  • Watcho
KIDS (7)
  • Chintu Tv
    Chintu Tv
  • Chutti Tv
    Chutti Tv
  • Khushi TV
    Khushi TV
  • Kochu TV
    Kochu TV
  • Nick Jr.
    Nick Jr.
  • Nickelodeon
  • Sonic
  • Ayush TV
    Ayush TV
  • Divyarishi
  • ETV Abhiruchi
    ETV Abhiruchi
  • Etv Life
    Etv Life
  • Ezmall
  • Living Foodz
    Living Foodz
  • WE
  • DD Sports
    DD Sports
  • Star Sports 1 Telugu
    Star Sports 1 Telugu
  • Star Sports 2
    Star Sports 2
  • Star Sports 3
    Star Sports 3
  • Star Sports First
    Star Sports First
  • DD Kisan
    DD Kisan
  • History TV 18
    History TV 18
  • National Geographic Channel
    National Geographic Channel
  • National Geographic Wild
    National Geographic Wild
  • Safari

Dish TV Joy Kannada Telugu channels list

Channel NameGenre
10TV Telugu NewsNews
7S MusicMusic
9X JalwaMusic
9X JhakaasMusic
9x TashanMusic
Aakash AathGeneral Entertainment
Aastha BhajanDevotional
ABN Andhra JyothiNews
ABP AsmitaNews
ABP GangaOthers
ABP NewsNews
Abzy CoolMusic
Abzy DhakadMovies
Abzy MoviesMovies
Adithya TVGeneral Entertainment
Amrita TVGeneral Entertainment
Anjan TVGeneral Entertainment
Aradana TvDevotional
Asianet NewsNews
Ayush TVLifestyle & Fashion
B4U BhojpuriMovies
B4U KadakMovies
B4U MoviesMovies
B4U MusicMusic
Basava TVDevotional
Bhakti TVDevotional
Bhojpuri CinemaMovies
Box CinemaMovies
bTV NewsNews
Captain TVGeneral Entertainment
Channel WinDevotional
Chardikla Time TVGeneral Entertainment
Chintu TvKids
Chutti TvKids
CNN News 18News
Colors KannadaGeneral Entertainment
Colors Kannada CinemaMovies
Colors SuperGeneral Entertainment
Colors TamilGeneral Entertainment
DangalGeneral Entertainment
Dangal KannadaOthers
Darshana TVGeneral Entertainment
DD ArunprabhaGeneral Entertainment
DD BanglaGeneral Entertainment
DD BharatiGeneral Entertainment
DD BiharGeneral Entertainment
DD ChandanaGeneral Entertainment
Dd GirnarGeneral Entertainment
DD Gyan DarshanOthers
DD IndiaNews
DD KashirGeneral Entertainment
DD KisanInfotainment
DD Lok SabhaNews
DD MalayalamGeneral Entertainment
DD MpGeneral Entertainment
DD NationalGeneral Entertainment
DD NewsNews
DD North EastGeneral Entertainment
DD OriyaGeneral Entertainment
DD PodhigaiGeneral Entertainment
DD PunjabiGeneral Entertainment
DD RajasthanGeneral Entertainment
DD Rajya SabhaNews
DD RetroOthers
DD SahyadriGeneral Entertainment
DD SaptagiriGeneral Entertainment
DD SportsSports
DD UPGeneral Entertainment
DD UrduGeneral Entertainment
DD YadagiriGeneral Entertainment
Dhoom MusicMusic
Digvijay 24x7News
Disha TVDevotional
DivyarishiLifestyle & Fashion
DY 365News
Enterr10 MoviesMovies
ETV AbhiruchiLifestyle & Fashion
ETV Andhra PradeshNews
Etv CinemaMovies
Etv LifeLifestyle & Fashion
Etv PlusGeneral Entertainment
Etv TelanganaNews
ETV TeluguGeneral Entertainment
EzmallLifestyle & Fashion
Fakt MarathiMovies
Gemini ComedyGeneral Entertainment
Gemini LifeGeneral Entertainment
Gemini MoviesMovies
Gemini MusicMusic
Gemini TVGeneral Entertainment
God TVDevotional
Gulistan NewsNews
Harvest TVDevotional
Hindu DharmamDevotional
History TV 18Infotainment
Housefull MoviesMovies
India NewsNews
India TVNews
JaiHind TVGeneral Entertainment
Janam TvNews
JK 24x7 NewsNews
JonackGeneral Entertainment
Kairali NewsNews
Kairali TVGeneral Entertainment
KalaignarGeneral Entertainment
Kalinga TvNews
Kanak NewsNews
Kappa TVMusic
Kasturi TVGeneral Entertainment
Kaumudy TVGeneral Entertainment
Khushi TVKids
Kite VictersOthers
Kochu TVKids
KTVGeneral Entertainment
Living FoodzLifestyle & Fashion
Madha TVDevotional
Makkal TVGeneral Entertainment
Malai MurasuNews
Manjari TVOthers
Manorama NewsNews
Mathrubhumi NewsNews
Mazhavil ManoramaGeneral Entertainment
Media OneGeneral Entertainment
Murasu TVMusic
Nambikkal TVDevotional
NandiGhosha TVOthers
National Geographic ChannelInfotainment
National Geographic WildInfotainment
Nepal 1News
News 1stOthers
News 24News
News LiveNews
News NationNews
News TimeNews
News18 KannadaNews
News18 UrduNews
Nick Jr.Kids
NTV NewsNews
OTVGeneral Entertainment
Peace Of MindDevotional
Pitaara TVMovies
PolimerGeneral Entertainment
Polimer NewsNews
Power TVOthers
Prag TVNews
Prameya News7News
Pratidin TimeNews
PTC ChakdeMusic
PTC NewsNews
PTC PunjabiGeneral Entertainment
PTC Punjabi GoldOthers
PTC SimranOthers
Public MoviesMovies
Public MusicMusic
Public TvNews
Puthiya ThalaimuraiNews
Puthu yugamGeneral Entertainment
Raj Music KannadaMusic
Rang TVGeneral Entertainment
RengoniGeneral Entertainment
Republic BharatNews
Republic TvNews
Rupashi BanglaGeneral Entertainment
Russia TodayNews
Saam TVNews
Sahana TVMusic
Sai TVDevotional
Sakshi TvNews
Sandesh NewsNews
Sangeet BanglaMusic
Shemaroo MarathibanaOthers
Shemaroo TVNews
Siri Kannada-All TimeOthers
Sirippoli TVGeneral Entertainment
Sri SankaraDevotional
Star MaaGeneral Entertainment
Star Maa GoldGeneral Entertainment
Star Maa MoviesMovies
Star Maa MusicMusic
Star Sports 1 TeluguSports
Star Sports 2Sports
Star Sports 3Sports
Star Sports FirstSports
Star SuvarnaGeneral Entertainment
Star Suvarna PlusMovies
Studio One PlusGeneral Entertainment
Subhavartha TVDevotional
Sun BanglaGeneral Entertainment
Sun LifeGeneral Entertainment
Sun MusicMusic
Sun NewsNews
Sun TvGeneral Entertainment
Surya ComedyGeneral Entertainment
Surya MoviesMovies
Surya MusicMusic
Surya TvGeneral Entertainment
Suvarna News 24X7News
SVBC 2Devotional
T NewsNews
Thanthi TvNews
Tv 9 GujaratiNews
TV5 Telugu NewsNews
TV9 BharatvashNews
TV9 KannadaNews
TV9 MaharashtraNews
TV9 Telugu NewsNews
UdayaGeneral Entertainment
Udaya ComedyGeneral Entertainment
Udaya MoviesMovies
Udaya MusicMusic
V6 NewsNews
Vasanth TVGeneral Entertainment
Velicham TVNews
Vendhar TVNews
VTV GujaratiNews
WELifestyle & Fashion
Zee ActionMovies
Zee CinemaluMovies
ZEE ETC BollywoodMusic
Zee HindustanNews
Zee KannadaGeneral Entertainment
Zee KeralamGeneral Entertainment
ZEE NewsNews
Zee SalaamGeneral Entertainment
Zee TeluguGeneral Entertainment
ZEE TVGeneral Entertainment
Frequently Asked Questions
What is lock in period of packs/channel in Dish TV?
Dish TV has lock in period of 30 Days. Once you have subscribed any pack or channel, you can not drop it before lock in period.
Can I remove any channel from my current and replace with another in Dish TV?
You can not modify channels of any existing pack in Dish TV. You can either remove entire pack or subscribe additional channel on a-la-carte basis.
How to recharge an a-la-carte or individual channel in Dish TV?
You can not recharge with any a-la-carte channel in Dish TV. To add any channel in your pack either call customer care or follow our guide to self activate any pack online in Dish TV.
What is customer care number of Dish TV?
You call Dish TV on 1800 258 3474 for any issue related with your DTH connection.

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