DTH Plans API V5

Important : All parameters and it’s values are case-sensitive. token parameter is required for every request. This API only accept GET method.

Get List of Packs

Endpoint : https://api2.plansinfo.com/v5/dth/packs

Request Parameters

  1. operator (required) – Pass operator code in this parameter.
  2. type (optional) – Pass pack type in this parameter. Valid values are COMBO, BROADCASTER and ADDON only.


Response Object –

  1. packs (array) -It holds an array to packs.
  2. id (Int) – Id of pack to fetch pack details.
  3. name (Varchar) – name of pack.
  4. type (Enum(‘COMBO’,’BROADCASTER’,’ADDON’))– Type of pack. It can only have COMBO, BROADCASTER or ADDON.

Get Pack Details


Request Parameter –

1.id (Int, required) – Id of pack.

Example – https://api2.plansinfo.com/v5/dth/pack?id=56&token=1234

Response Object –
  1. pack (object)- It holds all details of pack.
  2. languages (array) – Languages of pack, it can be an empty array.
  3. categories (array) – It’s an array of Category Object.
  4. name (varchar) – Name of pack.
  5. broadcaster (varchar) – Name of broadcaster ( Sony, Star etc), it can be null.
  6. prices (array) – Array of Price Object.
  7. pictureQuality (enum(‘HD’,’SD’))- This property represents if a channel or pack is HD or SD.
  8. active (bool) – If a pack is discontinued it will be false, otherwise true.
  9. Price Object – It has properties – amount (amount of pack), validity (validity of pack) , ncf (Network Capacity Fee); if ncf is true then networking capacity fee will be applicable on amount, otherwise network capacity fee is already included in amount, extraValidityDays (operator offers extra validity on long term plans, it will display the number of days of extra validity) .
  10. Channel Object – It has properties – name (name of channel), lcn (channel number on DTH), logo (logo of channel, can be null), price (price of channel , can be null)
  11. Category Object – It has properties – name (name of category) and popularity (popularity of category from 0 to 99), channels (an array of Channel Object)

Get Alacarte –


Request Parameter –

1.operator (char(2), required) – operator code of DTH operator.

Example – https://api2.plansinfo.com/v5/dth/alacarte?operator=TS&token=1234

Response Object –

  1. categories (array)- An array of categories.
  2. name (varchar)- Name of category.
  3. channels (array) – Array of Channel Object as mentioned in pack details endpoint.

Operator Codes

Tata SkyTS
Airtel Digital TVAD
Videocon d2hVD
Sun DirectSD

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