Plansinfo API V4 – DTH Plans

Get DTH Packs List-


https://api.plansinfo.com/v4/dth-packs.php?token={{Token}}&operator={{Operator code}}

Sample Request


Response Parameters-

  1. id (int) – Pack id which will further used to get channels of a pack.
  2. type (varchar) – Type of pack.
  3. name (varchar) – Name of the pack.
  4. price (float) – Monthly price of the Pack.
  5. price_3 (float) – Quarterly price of the pack.
  6. price_6 (float) – Semi-annual price of the pack.
  7. price_12 (float) – Annual price of the pack.
  8. resolution (varchar(2)) – Picture quality (HD/SD) of pack.
  9. languages (array) – An array of languages of channels in the pack.
  10. lastUpdated (timestamp) – Last time when we have checked the pack details from the operator.

Get channel list

Formathttps://api.plansinfo.com/v4/dth-pack-channels.php?&token={{token}}packId={{pack id}}


Response parameters-

  1. name – Name of channel
  2. category – Category of channel.
  3. lcn – channel number.
  4. logo – channel logo.

Operator Codes

Tata SkyTS
Airtel Digital TVAD
Videocon d2hVD
Sun DirectSD

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