Top Benefits of Online Recharging and Cashback Offers

All of us need to recharge our mobile numbers to ensure continue mobile, calls and SMS
services. And we also have to recharge our Direct-to-Home (DTH) satellite TV subscriptions.
That’s not all, if you own a Wi-Fi hotspot for using your laptop outdoors, that too requires a
And all these are helping me discover top benefits of online recharging and cashback offers that
are available every day.
Therefore, let’s explore reasons why we should use these benefits of online recharging and
cashback offers.

As an ordinary citizen, I too have to recharge my mobile account, DTH and Wi-Fi hotspot
regularly. That’s not all. I’ve to recharge the mobile accounts of my family as well.
And as you can imagine, all these recharges add up to a considerable amount of money.
Is it possible to chop off a few Rupees from all these recharges? Definitely yes. Through online
recharge and cashback offers. How’s that, let me explain in detail.
Top Benefits of Online Recharge & Cashback Offers
Getting benefits of online recharges and cashback offers isn’t as easy as you might falsely
believe. It requires some knowledge about who’s offering what and at which price. So, here’re
some benefits of online recharge and cashback offers you can use.

Amazon India Offers

You won’t believe this but I’ve actually got an electric kettle absolutely free from Amazon India.
And I use that to boil water for my coffee. How’s that? Amazon has amazing cashback deals
every month. You can get anything from Rs.15 to Rs.50 or even Rs.75 as cashback when you
recharge your mobile through Amazon.
Amazon India announces its cashbacks for the month. And when you recharge through
Amazon, you get the cashback within 48 hours, as money on your Amazon Pay account. I
usually accumulate money on Amazon Pay that I get from online recharging and cashback offers
to buy something we require.

Anytime, Anywhere & Anyone

The facility to top up data or credit for voice calls is yet another top benefit of online recharging
and cashback offers. And you can do it anytime, from anywhere through anyone. I travel
extensively for my work. Sometimes, the validity of my data, calls and SMS packs expires while
I’m away from home. But that’s no longer a hassle

Things We Recharge Regularly

Because I can ask my spouse or children to recharge my mobile account, regardless of my
location. And in worse case scenarios, I can ask my friends to do the needful. Usually, the
mobile network alerts me when my data and calls pack is about to expire. Hence, I can recharge
it online and get cashback were applicable even while I’m far from home.

Multiple Payment Modes

The facility of multiple payment modes is yet another top benefit of online recharging and
cashback offers. Usually, you can recharge a mobile, DTH or Wi-Fi directly through the service
provider’s website or app or a third-party app. And you can pay using net-banking, credit card,
debit card or Unified Payment Interface (UPI).
Most banks have loyalty programs for credit card and debit card holders. When you recharge
online using a credit card or debit card, the amount you spend qualifies for loyalty points. You
can get free mobile recharges with this tweaks & also can collect several points and redeem
them for free gifts. Mobile banking apps off your bank also feature attractive discounts and
cashback schemes for online recharges. And third-party apps also have various promotions such
as discounts on recharge, cashbacks and special offers.

Packs That Suit Your Budget

Sometimes, we have cashback and other discount vouchers given by apps, banks and mobile
service providers that come with an expiry date. These allow us to save a lot of cash. How? It’s
fairly simple. Use these cashbacks, discount vouchers and other benefits to recharge your
mobile worth a small amount only. Because if you don’t use them, these vouchers can expire
and prove useless.
And then there’re times when we might suffer from cash crunch or wish to wait for an amazing
cashback and recharge offer that’s ads are talking about. In such cases too, online recharges
help us to stay within our budget and yet enjoy uninterrupted mobile calls and data services.
And if you wish to make international calls, just recharge your mobile worth a specific amount
that would suffice.

Bigger is Better

Yes, bigger is indeed better. Most mobile service providers give away hefty discounts for
recharging your mobile for longer periods such as six months to a year. This allows you to save
a lot of money while dispensing with the need to recharge at regular intervals. And bigger your
recharge, better the cashback and benefits as you can notice by visiting websites of any mobile
Bigger or larger recharges also protect you from any sudden increase in the data-call-SMS packs
that may arise due to changes in pricing policies. Or due to taxation and other issues. Since the
mobile company has already taken the money for the recharge, it has to comply with the terms
of service that were existing when you paid for it.

In Conclusion

There’re several other benefits of online recharge and cashback offers. Firstly, you needn’t visit
a store meaning you save on fare or fuel. Secondly, you don’t even require a computer- a
smartphone is sufficient. Thirdly, you can recharge a mobile or DTH or Wi-Fi hotspot on the
move. And get attractive cashbacks if you select the right mode of recharge and payment.

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