How to extend JioPrime Membership for 1 year

Reliance Jio has extended JioPrime membership for all existing JioPrime subscriber for 1 year without any additional cost.JioPrime membership will not be extended automatically, users have to claim it using MyJio app.

To extend your Prime Membership follow these steps.

1.Download MyJio app from play store.

2.Sign in using your Jio account, if Jio SIM is present on your device and mobile Data is ON you can choose ‘Sign in with Jio Sim’ for quick login.

3.A banner will appear on the home screen of the app, tap on it to claim extended validity.(If you are unable to see this banner then try after few hours.)

Click on ‘Proceed’ to confirm.

4.Your Prime membership will be extended for 1 year.

If you have multiple Jio SIMs and you want to claim this offers from all other SIM then simply follow these steps.

1.Tap on ‘Home’ option there you will get an option ‘Link New  Account’ tap on it.

2.Tap on Mobile or JioWi depending on your device.

3.An OTP will be sent to the entered mobile number, type it and done.

4.Now follow the same steps again mentioned in this article to claim JioPrime membership extension for 1 year.


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