Tata Sky discontinues Multi-TV policy

Tata Sky, one of the most popular DTH operator is going to discontinue Multi-TV policy starting from 15th June 2019. Now each Tata Sky connection will be billed separately and you will also get the option to choose channels for your secondary connection. Earlier Tata Sky used to follow mirror pack model where all channels which are available on primary connection can also be viewed on the secondary connection by paying a fixed price which was usually less than the charges of primary connection.

After new Tata rules this another shock for Tata Sky customers. For now, other DTH operators like Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV, and D2h are still providing for offers, multi-tv users. Tata Sky is the first DTH operator to discontinue multi-tv policies.

How will you be billed after 15th June?

If you don’t change channels for your secondary connection you have to pay double. For example, if you have a multi-tv connection and you used to get bill Rs.650 for primary and Rs.500 for secondary connection, now you have to pay Rs.650+Rs.650=Rs.1300.

How to choose channels for secondary connection?

You can choose channels for secondary connection by visiting Tata Sky portal or calling customer care of Tata Sky.

What if you have more than two set-top boxes linked with the same account?

You will get an option to choose channels for all your set-top boxes linked with your account and same will be billed seperately.

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