List of the compulsory Doordarshan channels

TRAI rules which will be effective from 1st February 2019 has mandate following Doordarshan TV channels to subscribe. All DTH/IPTV/Cable operators have included these Doordarshan channels in all their packages.

  1. DD Arunprabha
  2. DD Bangla
  3. DD Bharati
  4. DD Bihar
  5. DD Chandana
  6. DD Girnar
  7. DD India
  8. DD Kashir
  9. DD Kisan
  10. DD Madhya Pradesh
  11. DD Malayalam
  12. DD National
  13. DD News
  14. DD North East
  15. DD Oriya
  16. DD Podhigai
  17. DD Punjabi
  18. DD Rajasthan
  19. DD Sahyadri
  20. DD Saptagiri
  21. DD Sports
  22. DD Urdu
  23. DD Uttar Pradesh
  24. Gyan Darshan
  25. Lok Sabha TV
  26. Rajya Sabha TV

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  1. I don’t know hindi and I know only telugu and english somewhat………it is not fair to me to pay for compulsory dd channels as won’t watch them…..please🥺 remove them as compulsory…..ones.

  2. 26 DD channels are mandatory for airing. How come Siti Cable (Kolkata) is not airing any DD Channel for quite some time? The channels are not included in their Channel List also.

  3. Trai say you have power to select chanel but why are they mandatory the basic pack this is not fair we think Trai have to change rules or else trai will be history

  4. DD 25 channel are compulsory is not fair. My mothertongur is Marathi & I dont understand other languages except Hindi. so try must rethink about compulsion of other language DD channels. And give customer to select their mothertongue DD channels & Hindi only. please reply

  5. On one hand govt says we customers are free to select their preferred channels and pay for them. On the other hand they have burdened and made the viewers to shell out NCF @Rs.130/-plus GST@18%. which works out to Rs.154/- for 100 channels. The cruelest rule is that we are forced to pay Rs.39/- as NCF for 25 compulsory DD channels out of these 100 channels.
    Then where is freedom to customers to choose channels and pay accordingly.
    Most of the viewers on all India basis can understand only the language of DD NATIONAL, sports, news, loksabha and rajyasabha.
    Other DD LANGUAGE channels are Greek and Latin for all other language speaking people/region’s people, then why we should pay for other unknown languages DD channels as NCF charge @ Rs 39/- per month. I hope TRAI will understand this simple logic and remove all the 25 DD compulsory channels from NCF charges. It is nothing but un-ethical robbing of public.
    I am not going to renew my subscription till this type of looting the public is stopped immediately.

  6. In the FTA channels included in my pack there are 15 Tamil and 16 spiritual channels. I would prefer any other channels from the FTA list. Is that possible? If yes how can that be done?

  7. Ridicculous to ask us to subscribe to all the DD channels. It should be broken down based on the language. Why should I subscribe to all the DD bangla, Gujarati, Rajasthan etc when I don’t even understand these languages. This seems to be a rip off

  8. I was having TataSky connection valid up to 31st Dec 2018. I have not renewed since new rules ware coming. Now I want to go for
    Rs. 99/- My 99 pack Kindly let me know how to get this pack. Is mandatory to take TTAI recommended pack only

  9. My cust I D ….1265096865. I have gone through your tables. In this connection, I would like to mention as under. Govt fixed 25 DD channels has to be taken. …OK
    I would like to opt for ALL marathi/hindi news channels with HD
    All Hindi news channels premium sports channels
    Hindi movies channels, Marathi news channels
    Kindly know what will be my channels for the above. After hearing from you I will let you know

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